Need to Switch / Transfer My Licenses to Other Email / Change Email

Need to Switch / Transfer My Licenses to Other Email / Change Email

When you buy the license or order trial, you indicate e-mail address under which your license account is created and to which your software is linked. If you need to change the e-mail address your license are associated to, we disable all your purchased products under old account, create new one with requested e-mail address and move your licenses there. Both accounts remain in our licensing system and we do not remove old accounts to keep records of all actions with your products.


So if you would like to change e-mail address that you used to order license from or move your licenses to any email, you have to contact us with request and provide us:

  • your order ID

  • order confirmation e-mail (the one that you receive after the purchase) or copy (screenshot) of transaction received from your bank/paypal with order details and transaction ID.

  • old e-mail address the products are registered to

  • New e-mail to switch the licenses to.


After you leave your request at -  with all the mentioned details, it will be reviewed and you will get response with updated information within 24 business hours.

Important Note: Your license keys will be changed once the e-mail is switched and you will need to register your Store Manager licenses and addons once again. The new software license keys will be issued to you via e-mail


In case you lost your installation package and your update period is over, you need to order appropriate Update Service to get access to the latest version of Store Manager

Place the order with your actual email to get updates applied automatically.