Software update – cannot download update.

Software update – cannot download update.

First of all make sure that you have access to the latest version. You get 1 year of free updates along with Store Manager, further updates are issued for additional fee. Check your order confirmation and you'll see if you should have access to latest version or not.


If update is available and should be accessible for your license, follow few steps to fix the issue:

  • Clear browser's cache (temporary files) and try again, usually it is enough to fix this issue.

    How to clear browser's cache:
    For Internet Explorer - Main Menu -> Tools -> Internet Options - clear Temporary Internet Files
    For Mozilla FireFox - Main Menu -> Tools -> Clear Private Data

  • Disable firewall/monitoring systems. Sometimes they block all large / executable files downloaded from browser. You can check the file with antivirus after the download is complete.
  • Make sure that you have stable internet connection - for this try to download anything else from the internet.
  • Try to download from different PC (home/work), sometimes local network blocks some files/resources.
  • Try to download from alternative place - download link from your order confirmation e-mail or contact us to get a direct URL.

If the issue still remains, contact our support at