Why I cannot request free trial? Can you grant me a new key?

Why I cannot request free trial? Can you grant me a new key?

Store Manager products are offered free of charge for 14 days. Within that period you have time to evaluate the product, contact us for questions free of charge and decide if the product fit your needs.

In case the trial period was not enough you can contact our support at contact@emagicone.com and we'll gladly show you how to work with product and extend it for limited time.

In case you're not able to request free trial, check the following points:

  • You're using false e-mail. Our product is checking e-mail and in case it is some 5minute mail or non-existing mail, you won't be able to request free trial. To resolve the problem - use real mail. You won't get spam, we offer unsubscribe option right with the first trial confirmation email.
  • You've already requested free trial on this PC. You're not allowed to request free trial under same PC or e-mail more than one time. You need to contact us if you need more time for evaluation, otherwise your account will be blocked.
  • You've already requested free trial using current e-mail - domain. Check with your project manager, admin or marketing manager if anyone from your company have ever requested one yet. Do not use multiple accounts, otherwise you will be blocked. This rule doesn't apply to Gmail or other public mailboxes.
  • You're running some antivirus or monitoring system that prevents our product from being connected to our licensing server. To solve it, add license.emagicone.com to the white list or try to request free trial from different PC.
  • You're using some IP restrictions in your LAN - check with your admin for any specific settings or restrictions on your router (if you're requesting trial license from office), otherwise it shouldn't be a problem.
  • You're using PROXY. Proxy is not permitted to request free trial. Please use your white IP to request one.
  • You're requesting free trial using Virtual Machine. It is not permitted to request free trail on virtual machine. Please use regular PC or laptop with Windows to request one. 

If none of the above works, contact us via live chat or e-mail to schedule tech assistance and resolve the problem.

eMagicOne do not generate new license keys manually unless the case is checked by tech engineers using remote desktop due to high volume of fraud requests.


NOTE: In case you cannot request free trial key correctly, it means that you won't be able to register and use the product further. It will say that the product is not registered and will be blocked until the problem is resolved.