Database Mismatch - Wrong Shopping Cart version (old/new) or Store Manager Version (old)

Database Mismatch - Wrong Shopping Cart version (old/new) or Store Manager Version (old)

If you can see error that your database version doesn't match the version expected by Store Manager, it means that it is unsafe to proceed your work and you need to resolve the issue immediately.

Why this error occur?

In most cases this error occurs when you're using old version of Store Manager with new version of Shopping Cart. Store Manager version (for example released in 2014) may not know about database structure that is implemented in newest shopping cart version released in 2016. Store Manager will try to update tables that doesn't exist or data will be updated using incorrect format. We inform you about difference in database structure and recommend to update your software.


Also the error may occur if you've just updated to the newest Shopping cart version that was just released or even is in Beta still (with completely new structure - major update). According to our License agreement, we add the support of the newest version of Shopping cart within 1 month after the official release of the update. No alpha, beta version are considered. In most cases after such releases Shopping Cart developers release stable versions with all bugs caught and all issues resolved, so you'll get more stable version of the Shopping Cart itself if you do not rush and Update Shopping cart along with Store Manager in 1 month after the official release.


How to avoid this error?

Always keep Store Manager up-to-date when you're upgrading your Shopping cart to more recent version. You can contact our tech support via and they will guide you further.

It is recommended to install and use only stable Magento versions. You can download the latest stable versions by this link -