How can I register Store Manager Integrations / addons / plugins?

How can I register Store Manager Integrations / addons / plugins?

Before you can proceed with registration, you need to download and install addon/plugin. The thing is that all addons/plugins are built-in Store Manager application, so you do not need to install them separately. The only thing you should do is to order, download and install Store Manager. Once you're done you'll be able to proceed with registration.

Addons registration

1. Once you are done with installation, you will be asked to provide license data to register Addon/Plugin. After purchase all customers receive email notification with registration information, find License Number (Regcode) there.

Note: You need a separate license key for each Addon. Same license key that you use to register Store Manager will not work. 

2. Open "Preferences" (F12) and activate "Addons" tab to see the add-ons/plug-ins list.

Column description:

1. Addon Name and a short description of features

2. Status:

  • Unregistered - extension working in DEMO mode
  • Registered - addon is registered and fully functional
  • Verifying - software checking registration information

3. To register any Addon/Plugin, click on "Unregistered" next to Addon/Plugin name and you will see the following form:

Specify your License Number (as it appears in your license account).

4. Press "Ok" button to apply changes.

Addon registration works in the same way as Store Manager registration - no difference. You can install, register and use one copy of software per license. If you want to install and use Addon/Plugin at other places you have to buy a separate license for every installation (registration). Also you can reset addon license in the same way as main software license.

Check product page to find more about Addons functionality.