Licenses Were Switched to Other Email

Licenses Were Switched to Other Email

eMagicOne company switches the licenses or changes e-mail address (the software is registered at) ONLY on condition that the requester has provided us all requested details:

  • Order ID
  • Order confirmation e-mail (the one that you receive after the purchase) or copy (screenshot) of transaction received from your bank/paypal with order details and transaction ID
  • Confirmation from the reseller, if the order is placed on the reseller's or partner's site

If software licenses were moved to other e-mail and you, as the owner of the license, state that it was against your will, you have to provide us a copy of transaction from bank/paypal with order details to confirm ownership and we’ll switch it back. Order confirmation e-mail is not enough to resolve the claim.

If 2 (or more) persons lay claim on one and the same license(s) and both insist on their ownership, then the license(s) are activated at the account of the person who has made the purchase from.

Why we do so?

The person who has used his/her cc or paypal account can and will mark the order as fraud once the access to licenses is lost. As the result the payment will be returned back to the cardholder (it will be processed by bank) and we will cancel the licenses. That is why the owner of the cc account or paypal is considered as actual owner of the license.

How to avoid such a situation?

Follow those simple rules not to get into such situation:

  • Place an order with your own cc/account (owner of the site/business)
  • Do not ask your developer/employee/partner to order the license for you
  • Do not send order confirmation e-mails to anyone. The order confirmation e-mail with your order details is not needed to use our software, register license or when contacting support. 
  • Do not pass your license to anyone including your developer or admin (especially freelancers), only in case it is really needed

If you have lost your license as it was ordered from your developer that you're not working with any more, contact us and we will provide you a discount for a new license(s) so you could place a new order and proceed using our software.
Please contact us at or via chat to get the discount.