Operation Hours

Here you can find the information on when we are available:

   Department       Days       Hours (GMT 0)        Hours (EST)   
   Phone support       Monday - Friday       10 am - 5 pm GMT       5 am - 4 pm EST   
   Chat support    Monday - Friday    10 am - 5 pm GMT       5 am - 4 pm EST
   Technical support       Monday - Friday    11 am - 3 pm GMT    6 am - 2 pm EST


Note: Support team is working on business days only (we are closed on National Holidays and weekends).

Methods of Contact:


  • Phone
  • Chat - Live chat icon is available on all our pages. It covers sales and general questions.  Please note that due to staff limitations live chat may not be immediately available at all times.
  • Ticket - You are welcome to submit tickets 24/7 at: https://support.emagicone.com/submit_ticket or using any contact form on all our sites. Guaranteed response time is 42 hours (business days).
  • Forum - We welcome active users to participate in public discussion of our products at: https://support.emagicone.com Note that forum questions have lower priority than email tickets, thus replies on forum may take a few business days. If you have critical question, please submit a ticket (to get reply within 42 hours) or contact us via live chat! 
We don’t provide IM support and do not call back.


Check more about our Service Level Agreement at: https://emagicone.com/service-level-agreement/