How to transfer data from Store Manager to another PC

How to transfer data from Store Manager to another PC

 To be able to recover data in Store Manager (connection(s) to one or multiple stores, import/export configurations, database backup etc), when you are moving to another computer or want to transfer all possible data from old (test) store to the new one, or software has been changed or updated, you should take some precautionary measures. To accomplish them, follow these instructions:


1. Move Store Configurations (all connection settings that are used to make changes to your live site)


To save settings on old pc follow few steps:

  1. Open Preferences (F12 hotkey) - > Database Connection. All store configurations are listed here;
  2. Click on Actions button and choose the operation from the drop-down list;  
  3. 'Save all configurations' - if you want to save all configurations, which you have configured and used in the Store Manager, to a single file;
  4. 'Save current configuration' - only selected configuration will be saved to the file.

Choose the folder, .ini file will be saved to (when transferring to a new computer it would be better to save these data on a dropbox or removable drive).

How to upload settings previously saved:

  1. ​Open Preferences (F12) and use Actions button -> Load Configurations option from the drop-down:

       2. Browse the file saved before to upload all settings.

       3. Select the necessary configuration from the list and use it on your new machine:

2. Save Import Settings

To save import/export settings and use same configuration on a new PC, save it on the last step of import/export wizard:

  1. Run Import Wizard and on the last step add any informative name and use save configuration to file button.

  2. Save import settings into file somewhere on your PC, removable drive or dropbox.

To load settings on new PC, copy the previously saved configurations from your old PC to a new one and load them on the first step of the Import Wizard.


3. Save Export Settings

  1. Run Export Wizard and on the last step add any informative name and use Save configuration to the file button.


To load settings on new PC, copy the previously saved configurations from your old PC to a new one and load them on the first step of the Export Wizard (the similar as during the importing).


4. Save backup file and restore it on a new PC.

You can save your store database (databases of multiple stores) into .sql file(s) and then restore it (them) on a new computer, using the appropriate option in Store Manager:



The Backup Wizard allows you to select database tables to be backed up. You can choose all or some of them by checking the corresponding fields:


You can save backup configuration as well:



- backup settings can be saved to configuration and used for future procedures.



On the next step you have two options:


  • Backup database structure only

  • Backup files


Note, these options will slow down the backup process accomplishment.



To restore your database on the new machine, use the Backup/Restore option in Store Manager and choose the corresponding option on the Welcome page:


5. Transfer Custom SQLs 

To save and then be able to use the SQL queries on another location, go to Custom SQL sector, select the necessary queries from the existing list and then click - 'Save query to file' button.


This action allows you to download a previously saved file on another computer, by pressing the corresponding button in the 'Custom SQL' sector in Store Manager:

6. Save Reports

You can save all your available reports in two ways:


  1. Go to Reports section of Store Manager and choose the specific report from the list of existing ones. Click on 'Save' button:

    Please note, if you choose the Simple Reports from the Reports sector (Store Manager for Prestashop) - you have to activate the selected one (open it) to be able to press the appropriate button for storage
  2. If you choose the one from the Custom Reports you need to press 'Show report' option:

    Then you can save the content of the report to a separate file of the appropriate format:

2. You also have a possibility to transfer your created reports from the Reports section of Store Manager to a removable drive or Dropbox to be able to use them on a new place, following this path:

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for ....\Reports


Start > All Programs > eMagicOne > Store Manager for ……. > Application Data > Reports


(specify Store Manager for which shopping cart you have).

6. Save Addon Settings

You will be able to load your previously saved configurations for specific addon if you use this guide:
  1. Open the following folder:

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for ....\ ,

where ‘%USERNAME%’ is your computer's login or

Start > All Programs > eMagicOne > Store Manager for ……. > Application Data >

2. You can see all addon files there, i.e.:


           for Amazon Integration Addon - AmazonIntegration directory -> Settings xml file

           for eBay Integration Addon - eBayPlugin directory - > EBsettingsFile

           for Doba Integration Addon - DobaPlugin directory - > DobaSettingsFile

           for ICEcat Integration Addon -> ICEcatSettings file

           for QuickBooks Integration Addon - QBPlugin directory -> QBConfigsFile

           for PeachTree Integration Addon - > PTSettingFS file

           for PDF Catalog Creator - PDF_CatalogCreator directory - > Settings ini file.   


      3. Save these settings on removable drive to be able to download and use them on another computer.


      4. Load those files to exactly the same folder on your new PC, replacing the default ones.


7. Load configurations for Automated Import Products Addon

  1. Automated Product Import is using import configurations that can be saved and transferred using the Products Import/Export Wizard.
    See chapter 2 above to find details how to transfer data.
  2. Once import configurations are transferred, you will be able to load them in the Aautomated Product Import addon from the saved list:

or use the following button to launch the import process:

and save current configuration on the last step before migration:

  1. Transfer scheduled tasks from Store Manager in one PC to the new one.
    In the Addons section of Store Manager find and press the 'Open Windows Scheduler 'option.

    You can see the list of all available tasks. Choose the required one and right-click to get the drop-down menu. If you want to copy this task - select 'Export' position.

  2. Find in your NetWork work-group the new PC where you want to move the current scheduled task and press 'Save' button. This task will placed to new PC and you can load it within the new location of Store Manager.

Please note, that depending on the Store Manager you have, there is an opportunity to save and transfer the other data between computers. For more information please contact with our support team at  and we will gladly assist you.