How Can I Upload Images to my FTP?

How Can I Upload Images to my FTP?

You can upload images for products using Import Wizard. To do it, you need to make sure that:

   1. You have set up the FTP connection correctly.

  2. You have specified correct path to your images folder on the FTP (It must be default shopping cart Images folder).

Please note: Some of Store Managers require specifying only base directory (store root).

   3. You have checked Upload Images option during Import.

   4. You have specified correct path to folder on your PC where you have all Images what you need to upload.

   5. You have prepared import file where you have column that includes image names for each product and you have images with identical names in folder on your PC.

   6. You have assigned column with image names from your .import file with database field.

After import Store Manager will upload your images to FTP automatically and you will be able to see images on the product page.

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