When and How Should I Update Bridge.php File in Magento?

When and How Should I Update Bridge.php File in Magento?

Starting from version Store Manager for Magento includes new functional possibilities, performance of which depends on bridge.php file.

Here they are:

  1. Now the application can check what Magento version you use and if it isn’t compatible or is partially compatible with this version, you will get a notifying message.
  2. “Reindex product data by bridge” option on Import Options step of product import wizard.

Important! If you are using bridge connection to Magento database and updated Store Manager to (or newer), you have to update bridge.php file to version 7.52 (or newer). In case you are working via direct connection, you have to additionally upload bridge.php file to the server.

Contrariwise, Store Manager will not be able to detect Magento version or selecting “Reindex product data by bridge” (if you use direct connection) on the last step of the import wizard, you will see the following message:

How to Update Bridge.php File (for Bridge Connection users)

New version of Bridge.php file can be uploaded via Connection Wizard:

  1. Open Preferences(F12)->Database Connection and select store configuration, bridge.php file should be updated for.
  2. Press Connection Wizard button and choose Advanced Mode at the following step.
  3. Choose Change Current Connection Settings.
  4. FTP settings will come afterwards. If you use the same FTP credentials, press Next. The same concerns store URL.
  5. Select PHP MySQL bridge connection in the next window.
  6. You can leave the same bridge login and password and overwrite existing on FTP bridge.php file.
  7. Bridge URL and local database name fields will automatically be configured on the next step.
  8. Press Test PHP Bridge Connection to verify connection.

Upload Bridge.php File (for Direct Connection users)

If you have direct connection to Magento database established, you will see in Store Manager a notification asking to upload the file to FTP server. Press the link to continue with settings (see the screenshot).

Dialog window, asking to upload bridge.php file will also appear during data management in some Store Manager sections (orders, POS, data reindex request in import wizard). Press “Yes” to start file upload.

  1. The first window of Connection Wizard displays FTP details. If you have already set up FTP connection, these fields will be configured automatically.
  2. Confirm store URL on the succeeding step and press Next. At this time bridge.php file is being uploaded to the server.

Ones the file is uploaded, results will display in a summary window.

Important note, when you check store configuration settings, you will see that some details were specified for bridge connection. Although, it has not been configured, bridge.php file has been uploaded only. If you want to use bridge connection to database now, you should edit details, provide local database name (this can be done via connection wizard)

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