Where is Store Manager Connecting to and Why?
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Where is Store Manager Connecting to and Why?


/optional/ means that if you use / enable this option or feature in Store Manager, appropriate data will be sent. Otherwise data won't be sent.

1. Port 3306 (remote) - MySQL 

  • Is used by MySQL database server at your store (website) in case you have configured direct connection in Preferences /optional/
2. Port 80 (remote) - HTTP/HTTPS
  • Bridge connection - a connection between your computer and your store (website) /optional/
  • Software Licensing (license.emagicone.com) - Store Manager verifies license by connecting to our licensing server. When this connection is blocked program will not work /required/
  • Error reporting (license.emagicone.com) - Store Manager allows you to report about an error appearing in specific situations. Automated report can include a screen capture (you can disable this option), some sql queries (they may contain some data) and your database structure (structure only, no data). In any case you can check the report and decode if you would like to send it or not
  • Check for Update (license.emagicone.com) - Store Manager can notify you if new version is available. You can disable this option in Preferences form/Advanced tab
  • Analytics (Google Analytics) - Store Manager offers you to share your general information with our analytics to make our software better. Non-personal info is sent, e.g. what modules and pages of Store Manager are opened and used, screen resolution, etc. /optional/
3. Port 21 (remote) - FTP 
  • Is used to setup connection between Store Manager and your store (server) with the help of special Connection Wizard /optional/
  • Images (Connection between your PC and your server) - used for image and downloadable (ebooks, programs, music etc.) product management /optional/
4. Port 25 (remote) - SMTP 
  • Used for emailing (from your computer to your mail server). Depending on the SMTP settings in Preferences any other email port may be used /optional/
5. Port 22 (remote) - SSH connection
  • Is used when SSH direct connection established through SSH channel from your PC to your server /optional/
Note that port numbers mentioned above are most commonly used but they can be different. Contact your local administrator, hosting provider or ISP for details. 

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