Why should I update?
eMagicOne Team is constantly working to improve the products we are offering. There are few important changes including additional functionality and reliability in every new version released. So we strongly recommend you to update the software so often.
What are limitations?
After the purchase the customer receives 6 months of free update and support service, which means that during that period, the download link to the application and/or the latest version of the product will be available for the owner of the license. When this period expires and the owner of the license would like to continue having the ability to download the software, then it is required to purchase and apply update services for additional fee. Also after 6 month, software is provided as is. In case any issues occur, you may be asked to order Updates to try to fix it as we're constantly working on our software. Though in case the customer haven't found the issue within 6 month, most likely it is not that important. Also support is not provided for all features in Beta mode (you can see beta label next to section).