Importing multilingual categories

Importing multilingual categories

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May 21, 2013
David González wrote
I'm creating a Prestashop store in Spanish, English and German, with a large catalogue of thousands of products. I have already set up the categories and subcategories in all three languages, and successfully connected Store Manager with the server. Next step is importing products.

When importing the CSV product file, I find that many fields in the wizard have been duplicated for multilingual purposes. That is, if I have set Spanish as the Store Language in Store Manager, I can see Description, Description (EN) and Description (DE) fields in the wizard. This happens with every text-containing field, which is very neat!

However, Category appears as a single field. There are no Category (EN) or Category (DE) fields. What's the right way to import multilingual categories in the product import wizard? I can imagine three ways:

1) Using category IDs instead of category text
2) Combining all three category names (Spanish, English and German) by mean of double bar character into a single field
3) To change Language Store and import three different CSV files every time I need to update

What's the right one, if any? Thank you.
1 Answer
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May 22, 2013
Ira Kobylianska agent wrote
Thank you for your reply.

Store Manager during products import simply assign/add Product to specific Category (always to default store) that is why only 1 field for category Name exists during products import.
We'd recommend you to specify different Category names for your stores using Category Import (see attached for details)

Let us know if you have any other questions