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May 28 (3 months ago)
Carriers by overview articles
I regularly have the problem that no shipping costs are charged to the customer. And that is because I sometimes forget to indicate the carriers. Is it not possible to add a column to the overview of ...
Apr 25 (4 months ago)
"You have a problem with your database"
After performing a product import, both me and my workmate (with different Store Manager licences, but editing the same Prestashop database) get this behaviour when opening the program independently: ...
Apr 01 (5 months ago)
Hi, I have problems importing the date of the "AVAILABILITY DATE" field which is in the following format 29032019 (day, month, year). How can I solve it? Best regards Hello Perrone, thank you for you...
Feb 07 (7 months ago)
import (csv) categories with specific IDs
When I import my categories (on PrestaShopManager), IDs are self-incremented. How can I force my ID entries please? Hello Rojin, Store Manager does not allow forcing category or product ID's. This...
Nov 07 (10 months ago)
View products
Hi, normally I go to my product categories on the left and then the producs within that category are shown. But somehow this is not the case anymore. It shows the screen in the example. How do I get ...
Sep 28 (11 months ago)
Export Products (CSV) - URL PROBLEM
Hi, I am exporting products with such fields like Product URL and Friendly URL. In result exported URLs are incorrect. I have EAN13 code in my URL path EXAMPLE: (
Sep 22 (11 months ago)
Delete multiple products/combinations by using a csv
I look for a way to delete combinations and/or products that are listet in a csv. I hope it's possible with Store Manger. So a have more than 7000 producst in my shop and a lot of mainproducts and co...
Aug 18, 2018
emagicone and post changes to web
Every time I try to post changes to my site I get the following error message: 1146; Table 'dvinyard_sinful.sm_missing_images' doesn't exist DELETE FROM `sm_missing_images` WHERE `session_id` = 1; I ...
May 28, 2018
Merge Items to Combinbations
Hi, I get product lists from my wholesaler where all products combinations have separate product numbers. Red 60-01, Blue 60-2 etc. For Prestashop I'd like to merge them using the Mass Product Combina...
Nov 27, 2017
Duplicate Error
HI All, I recently started to get Duplicate Errors after I added some new product features. After the 1st error I went back and deleted what I had changed and this seemed to fix it, I had uploaded 1...
Nov 23, 2017
Error: 1064; You have an error in your SQL syntax check the manual....
Hi I have old shop PS 1.4.9 and prestashop manager 2.32.0 build 1747. I can retribe the shop info trough the bridge with no problems. But when i try to make changes in store manager and publish my sho...
Nov 07, 2017
Is the name and address of customer on the receipt or just on the printed out invoice please?
Since I would like to use the POS in my grocery store, I don't need to print out the name, address, etc., of every customer (and I can't ask for these infos anyway when I am at the cashier). So, my ...
Oct 30, 2017
Is it possible to print out receipt from POS without name and others customer infos?
I would like to use the POS in my shop and I can't ask to every customers their names and others infos. Is it possible to just print out a receipt without these infos? Thanks. Francois Hello Francois,...
Sep 25, 2017
Price Tags
I am using a report to print out price/barcode stickers for use with POS. I there any way to print out the combinations of products using reports (I will want to select the combinations individually t...
Sep 11, 2017
changing "available for sale" status on all products
hi!!! i need to turn off "available for sale" status on each product of my store, is there any way to do it using "mass product changer". i dont want to sell every product with positive stock as it is...
Jun 22, 2017
Adding product image to invoice or packing slip
Would it be possible to add a product image to the invoice or packing slip? Hello Ron, Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately no - there is no way to add a product image to the invoice or packing s...
May 30, 2017
Error Sending emails in Store Manager
I have setup the store manager email and the test emails come through no problem. When I go to send an actual email through the software it doesn't work. I check "Outgoing E-Mail" and it sits with the...
May 24, 2017
Upload complete stock from Store Manager to PS
Hi, I wanna upload a complete renewal of my stock at PS. Actual I have items in my PS. But I wanna upload all Store Manager items to PS at once. Unfortunately I had problems at the frist upload try an...
May 01, 2017
If you import/modify outside Store Manager (PS usual import) searchcron has no effect...
Hello, I saw a post about this but now I'm not able to find it write about it again. 1) you import products through Store Manager, this is ok 2) you modify products (eg. name and descrip...
Mar 10, 2017
why the option "view product page" on any product, give me the old url ?
hi , i have changed my prestashop store , from 2 languages to one language which means that my OLD URL was with "id_lang" and now the URL is without . so why, when i'm clicking on "view product page" ...