Store Manager for PrestaShop

Store Manager for PrestaShop

Tags in columns in Categories & Products?

Hello, it would be really good to be able to see/edit tags for an entry in the product listing. Is there any way of doing so or is there a chance of implementing this?

CSV Virtual Product Import

Is it possible to import a csv with a virtual product? Also is it possible to import a csv with images that are in subfolders? I can import an image that is in the root, but can't seem to get subfolders to import. Hello Michael, Thank you for your post. Currently the Store Manager does not allow to import a virtual product with the file, however you're welcome to submit a request at: and we will consider it in future. Concerning product images. You see,...


Except [PRODUCT_NAME] what other variables can be used for chatgpt in emagic store for prestashop? Hello kravch At the moment ChatGPT allows the use of the following macros: [PRODUCT_NAME] [PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION] [PRODUCT_SHORT_DESCRIPTION] Also, those fields can be used in different languages. In the upcoming version, all available macros can be accessed using context menu Please contact us via ticket and we'll provide you with a personal release that already includes the support of different...

Supplier isn't saved upon new product creation?

Hello, running version 3.14.0, creating a new product via the little plus and manually filling in the supplier info, then posting that info doesn't seem to save it at all times? When getting the data again the supplier reference is missing from the listing? Thanks for your post. The issue does not reproduce on our side. Make sure that you save supplier before Posting data If the issue remains, please reproduce record for us the video reproducing. You can also create...

Store Manager seems to pause

I started an import of a few thousand products and then wandered off to do something else. When I cam back to the computer it seemed as though processing in the app had paused and only resumed when I woke up/unlocked the computer. I have to believe there is a setting that allows the app to continue to process in my absence, but I can't seem to find it. Please help...

Problem - adding attributes in store manager & added attributes not available in ps1.5.2

Hi. I have added several attribute groups, and a large number of attribute values in store manager, and all seems fine at first look. groups are there and values are listed in prestashop 1.5.2 and it looks like everything was posted to the live database ok. Yhe problem starts when i went to add a product with combimations. the groups were not showing up in prestashop, add combinations screen. i imported a product with combinations from store manager, and the combination selections were not showi...

I am very dissatisfied !!

No one is communicating with you. You will not be able to access the license account. It cannot be installed on a new PC. Unable to download installation file. even if you pay thousands of dollars No support. Lack of interest. WHY ???
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Hi, why does bridge connector create hook.log file in presta root folder with permissions, so that file with all sensitive information are available in public? quite nonsence to create anything in root


hello, how can I export only the main image of the product and not all those present in the image field? Thanks for your post. Is the main image the first one or the last or the third etc from those in the image field? Please also make a screenshot look Thanks for your reply. If you want to get exported the images names together with downloading the respective images on computer - it is not possible ass all images will get downloaded. If to use the expression to separte the image - on;y the i...

¿Borrar carritos abandonados?

Hola, por favor tengo una duda. En el apartado Carritos abandonados, se esta empezando a a cumular miles de carritos. Este listado de carritos abandonados se puede borrar y eliminar con Store Manager sin que esto altere ningun comportamiento de otro apartado? Gracias.. Thanks for your question. Store Manager deletes abandoned carts the same way Prestashop does. Once you delete the cart, it does not change the existing products stock. You can check deleting few carts. Let us know if you have ...

Customers information crypted by a prestashop module and use of Prestashop store manager

Hello, I use a module to crypt data of customers but when customers data are encrypted, the database check fails at the launch of PSM. My product data are not crypted, and I want to use PSM for product management only. How can I restrict the database access of PSM on Product and stock management only (and not Order and client). I tried with user management but the database check fails too because the load is full. The module is

Manager freezes on upload

Hi, I have a brand new Prestashop installation. I have tried 2 types of connections from Manager to my shop: installed module in the backend as well as direct bridge. Both work fine on pulling data from the website, but when I try to make any changes the program freezes and can only be closed by killing the process. I have tried various kinds of changes, from posting a new product to deleting an empty category, but to no avail. Any idea on what might cause this?

"You have a problem with your database"

After performing a product import, both me and my workmate (with different Store Manager licences, but editing the same Prestashop database) get this behaviour when opening the program independently: 1) We launch Store Manager and it starts connecting with the database with no problems. 2) We get this message: "You have a problem with your database. Please check all the tables available in your database or check database configuration". 3) No matter if we open and review preferences, or close th...

Invoices are generated automatically at the point of sale

I sell products to customers in my physical store who pay at the end of the month. I have an ORDER STATUS configured for those sales that do not generate an invoice. But when making sales at the prestashop manager's point of sale, invoices are generated even if you select that order status. I only need the delivery note to be generated I need urgent help to fix this problem. Thank you very much and congratulations on your software. Thanks for your post. We emailed you on our support page but ...

Help - Discount on all products

Hope anyone can help me ? All of the sudden ALL products (ie. the whole shop) have a 10% discount. - there's nothing in the 'specific prize' setting. (I use that on a few articles) looked all around, found nothing.. Help.. ;-)

Delete multiple products/combinations by using a csv

I look for a way to delete combinations and/or products that are listet in a csv. I hope it's possible with Store Manger. So a have more than 7000 producst in my shop and a lot of mainproducts and combinations are not longer availible. All these products are listet in one csv. Some of them are single products and some of them are combination. Some combination also using the reference from the main product. e.g. Main product is 111112 Combinations are 111112 - Small 111113 - Medium 111114 - Large...

description_short limited on product import/update

Hi, got some trouble with description_short on product import and update. I have set description_short length to 3000 symbols in PS backoffice, same value are in PS DB. If I put longer than 255 description_short using PS BO, description is saved and shown as expected. Same if description_short is updated manually in Prestashop Manager - longer descriptions are saved as expected and pushed to DB just fine. Problem is, when description _short is imported or product is updated via import. In that...

Import assistant generate weird query on bridge and direct connection

Hello, I'm currently using Prestashop Manager v3.5.0 (build 2667) I figured out an issue from programming when import assistant is used. When i click on "Import Products", the popup 'Assistant starting' show then it need some time to show the assistant itself. I figured out that, when i click on it, it launch a complex mysql query from search filters used on product category view (right view), as if we show a filter. I don't know if it's a normal thing, i had to delete all filters to stop th...

SQL - Mass Product Changer

Im trying to use Mass Product Changer to set the Field value of the Location field to the value currently stored in the field Reference. Can someone help me how to write the SQL lines for doing that? So I want field_Location = field_Reference

Выгрузка товаров на сайт

Два дня в новой версии в поисках кнопки для публикации товаров на сайте , ее просто нет нигде, как мне опубликовать товары из eMagicOne Store Manager for PrestaShop на мой сайт prestashop 1.7 ??? Была нормальная понятная интуитивно программа, купил новую и начались проблемы( банально даже товар выгрузить не могу. Помогайте разобраться специалисты) Спасибо за ваш пост. Вы можете использовать комбинацыы клавиш - Ctrl+G чтобы получить данные с веб, или Ctrl+P чтобы отправить данные. Эти функцыы мож...