Unassign from current categories during import

Unassign from current categories during import

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Jan 19, 2018
Support Manager wrote
It would be great if store manager for WooCommerce had also an option to unassign products from categories they belong now and assign only to new ones from import file.

Please vote for this feature if you would like to see it in future releases of store manager for WooCommerce!

Your further comments and suggestions are welcomed!

Thank you!
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May 27, 2020
Chris Martin wrote
I can't believe this isn't a core feature. That is such a common situation when managing a store with lots of products and categories... reassigning product categories via an import file!!!!!
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May 29, 2020
Zoryana Motyka agent wrote
Hello Chris,

Thanks for your answer and your vote.

In case this feature gets some more votes it can be taken into consideration for development.

Have a nice day.