Electronic billing in Italy

Electronic billing in Italy

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Oct 14, 2015
Andrea M. wrote
As from 31 March 2015, the whole of the public administration, including local offices, will not longer be accepting any invoices not in electronic form.


Unfortunately, many italians potential buyers of your software will not be able to use it without the ability to create electronic invoices in the format required by the government.

Thanks for your attention.
Best regards.

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Oct 14, 2015
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Andrea, thanks for link
It's not clear for me.
Are you talking about format of invoice or layout ?
Are you talking about the e-invoice requirment sending to client from Store?

in this case the ability to create digital invoices (PDF format ) has been already implemented in the Store Manager for PrestaShop.
Store Manager is tool to help manage data and orders.
In this case you should to implement such feature on the hand of your PrestaShop store at the first.

Store Manager operates like a special web-modules:
--- example -------
Since not long ago, the whole online stores are required to ask their clients for permission to send electronic invoices. If the client does not allow this permission, the invoice shall be submitted in paper mandatorily. If you don´t do this, you will be breaking the Electronic Commerce Law that was recently approved. With this module for Prestashop now you will obey this law in your online store requesting to your users the acceptance of electronic invoicing and so you allow the download of PDF invoices from your account or even from an order record with just one click.
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Oct 14, 2015
Andrea M. wrote
Hi, thanks for your fast reply.

From the url http://www.telecomitalia.com/tit/en/innovazione/digital-champions/fatturazione-elettronica.html :

The electronic invoice is technically an electronic XML file(eXtensible Markup Language).
In order to be accepted, the invoice must have the following characteristics:

it must be unchangeable and unalterable (implemented by means of the inclusion of a digital signature of the issuer)
it must state the date of issue
it must be authentic with intact contents
The law also establishes that in order to simplify matters for businesses, accredited intermediaries can be used to send and store the invoices.


The Exchange System distinguishes between three types of file:

FatturaPA file: a digitally signed XML that complies with the FatturaPA format specifications. It may contain:
a single invoice (only one invoice body)
an invoice lot (several invoice bodies with the same heading).
For the FatturaPA file signature, see the Sign the FatturaPA section.

archive file: compressed file (exclusively in zip format) containing one or more FatturaPA files.
The system processes the archive, checking the individual FatturaPA files contained within it and forwarding it to the addressee. In practice the FatturaPA files are treated as if they were transmitted individually.

The archive file must not be signed but, instead, all the FatturaPA files in it must be signed.

message file: an XML file compliant with a schema (xml schema) described by the file MessaggiTypes_v1.1.xsd which can be downloaded in the Exchange System documentation section.
A message file can be:

a rejection notice: a message sent by the ES to the transmitter whenever the file transmitted (FatturaPA file or archive file) fails the checks provided for;
a metadata file: a file that the ES sends to the addressee, together with the FatturaPA file;
a delivery receipt: a message sent by the ES to the transmitter to certify that the FatturaPA file has been delivered to the addressee;
a failed delivery notice: the message sent by the ES to the transmitter to report that the FatturaPA file could not be delivered to the addressee;
a client outcome notice: a message that the addressee sends to the ES to report the acceptance or rejection of the invoice received; the report can be received by the ES within a deadline of 15 days;
a outcome notice: a message sent by the ES to the transmitter containing the decision reported by the addressee in the client outcome notice;
a client outcome rejection notice: a message sent by the ES to the addressee to report a situation where the client outcome notice is not admissible or non-conforming;
a deadline passed notice: a message sent by the ES to both the transmitter and the addressee, when 15 days have passed and no client outcome notice has been received, informing both parties that the period within which the system accepts the outcome notice message has passed;
a file undeliverable notice: a message sent by the ES to the transmitter when, after 15 days from the date of the failed delivery notice, it has not been possible to deliver in any way the FatturaPA file to the addressee.
To view some examples of message files go to the Exchange System documentation section

The Exchange System gives a different name to each message file type. For more information on naming message files see Annex B-1 of the document Technical specifications of the Exchange System - draft - pdf in the Exchange System documentation section.

All messages produced and sent by the Exchange System, with the exception of the metadata file, are signed electronically with an advanced, XAdES-Bes electronic signature.

The client outcome notice, the only notice sent by the addressee to the ES, may optionally be signed electronically, again in XAdES-Bes mode. For more information on the client outcome notice see the Communicating the outcome for the FatturaPA section.

It's not a simply pdf format. But... complex .xml file!

I attach a screenshot from a SimplyFatt2, an OS X software that i use for my job. This screenshot show how can software create electronic billing.
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Oct 14, 2015
Andrea M. wrote
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Oct 14, 2015
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
thanks for comment.
Give me some time - I'll consult to our Tech. team.
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Oct 14, 2015
Andrea M. wrote
Thanks for your fast reply!

It is the only "defect" that I found in your great software. If you can develop this function, i purchase right away (like me several other Italians blocked for this current limit)! :)
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Oct 15, 2015
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Well Andrea,
I'm afraid we'll not be able to implement such feature in 2-3 days
Right now we are working on current development plan.

I'll try to include and to add such feature in the next developer plan.

from your side I'll be appreciated for detailed examples and advices as a native Italian customer.
You'll be able to reach me directly via our support team request.
please mark subject - "Italian e-invoice for Sergiy Kibitkin"

Thanks in advance.
Oct 20, 2015
System wrote

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Maybe we are waiting for some information from your side? In this case please get back to us.

In case we haven't replied you back or in case of any misunderstanding, please reply to this mail with all details so we could proceed.

If you do not reply us back, the ticket will be automatically closed within 24 hours.

With kind regards,

The eMagicOne Administration Team
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Jul 09, 2017
Andrea M. wrote

I've missed your last reply, sorry.

Any news for Electronic billing in Italy with your manager store?
I'm interested for OpenCart manager too.

Many thanks.
Best regards.