Migration to new server
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Jun 30, 2014
Ralph wrote
I have just made a full database backup from my current server.
Can I migrate to a new Prestashop store on a different server by restoring this backup on the new server?
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Jul 01, 2014
Ira Kobylianska agent wrote
Hello Ralph,

Thank you for your question.

Actually that's not correct. You shouldn't use backup-restore operation to move your database backup. The backup is assumed to be restored on exactly the same db with same configuration settings, etc.

We cannot guarantee that this procedure will be successful and we think it will break your new shopping cart. Not to mention that in case you have different versions of shopping carts on old server and new server and they will not fit once restored, you will also have mess with shopping cart configs.

The best way to move database is to use special MySQL clients and to move only those tables that have data you need to be moved. Your hosting can assist you with this. Or to use special services like shopping-cart-migration.com and make sure they support all entities you need.

We recommend to use export/import procedures to move products and customers with Store Manager on your own and to move orders with paid services (to save money on migration in case you decide to use paid services).

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions