Product Custom Options need to add Quantity option.

Product Custom Options need to add Quantity option.

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Mar 03, 2014
Omar Naim wrote
Please I need your team to add an 3rd party Magento Extension called Advance Product Options ( in my Store Manager for Magento with a custom development.


My employee will list more than 1000 products of t-shirt and each t-shirt has different color with different size
Example: Angry Birds T-Shirt (Color:- Blue (5 qty), Red (7 qty), Yellow (10 qty)) (SIze:- S, M, L, XL)

So my employee need to add each t-shirt color and its quantity and its size seperately.

Advance Product Options has the ability for this options. I mean this extension has Product Custom Options auto system so this way 1000 products or many products custom options color with its quantity, size and with its quantity options available but using this feature in the Magento Admin Panel is taking too long.

But if your team add this feature near the upper side of Rebuild Catalog Index then I will be very thankful to your team and in the future I am planning to customize more for my Store Manager for Magento.

Please check that link, your team can check that extension and after that please let me know. I can pay for Custom Development.

I need More feature to be added in the Store Manager for Magento

1) Cache Storage Management Options
2) Import Orders
3) Customer View (Customer Last Logged in time, Confirmed email or not)
4) Product Custom Options need to add Quantity option
5) SEO Suite Ultimate Extension Option need to add
6) Category Duplicate or Clone Category just like product

and many feature that I will tell later. I mean when my business get higher then I will tell you.

But now please add the Advance Product Options and the other 6 options that I mansion you. Let me know how much and how many days you need to add this features in my Store Manager for Magento. Thanks and please let me know.
If you support me then I can be your bigger customer. So please help me now.Thanks and take care and let me know. Bye
3 Answers
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Mar 04, 2014
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
According to our long-term plans of Store Manager for Magento we'll not be able to start the implementation in program.
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Jul 20, 2014
Oscar de la Cuesta wrote
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Jul 21, 2014
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
We provide core logic of Magento only.
There are a lot of 3rd party Magento Extensions. Unfortunately we can't control all of them after release. :-(