Backorders Management
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Apr 03, 2019
Support Manager wrote
It would be great if store manager also had the features for backorders management.

So, that there was a possibility to partially deliver an order and indicate on the delivery order actually ordered, delivered and backorder, so that the customer receives information on its delivery.

So, it would be possible to create a Backorder status and check when to receive the repossession that customer finds it waiting for delivery, redo a delivery with already delivered, delivered etc.

Vote for this feature request if you would like to see it in future releases of the store manager.
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Apr 05, 2020
Troy wrote
This would be a great feature to improve the house keeping on customer orders awaiting additional parts. And it would make the invocies alot clearer to the customer aswell.

Stock line could read. Ordered 5 Supply 2 B/O 3