Highlight Selected Category Associations
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Highlight Selected Category Associations

Feb 10 (13 days ago)
Anonymous wrote
Prestashop makes it easy to see which Categories are selected when you're on the Associations page of any product. They highlight the row with a blue background, because a check mark is easier to miss at a glance. It would be great if Store Manager could also do this.

I use a large database of categories to support a vehicle filter on my website, so when I'm assigning and checking categories, I have to scroll much slower to avoid missing any checked boxes when I'm verifying or changing associations. If you could highlight the rows that are checked, that would help those who need to look through large amounts of data quickly!
1 Answer
Feb 10 (12 days ago)
Anonymous wrote
It would also be great if there was a total count of selected categories, just like Prestashop does at the top of each Associations page.