Price Randomly Changed to Zero
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Jan 09, 2013
Orders wrote
I have an automated product import that is giving me problems.

Store manager is downloading a large csv file from our suppliers ftp site - all we need it to do is match up the sku and return two stock quantity fields to two custom attribute fields we have created. This works just fine, but for some reason it is also randomly overwriting our product prices to zero (just for about half the products in our list, not all of them) -- but we do not have any price fields mapped at all - there are only three fields mapped; SKU, ca_warehouse_qty & tn_warehouse_qty

We have tried the whole creation process from scratch several times but keep getting the same results.... is this a bug or are we missing something?
1 Answer
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Jan 10, 2013
Ira Kobylianska agent wrote
Thank you for contacting us.

We can not say for sure what caused the issue for you, so please submit us a ticket at:
and provide us with your Store connection configuration (you can save it at Preferences[F12]/Actions.../Save current configuration) and import configuration attached, so we could proceed.
Please do not post any data here since it is a public forum - so all our customers could find your reply.

Waiting to hear from you