Table dosen't exists in the expression editor from

Table dosen't exists in the expression editor from

Dec 01 (55 days ago)
Max wrote
Hello! I'm trying to make SQL in the expression editor like
round([CSV_COL(35)]/(SELECT conversion_rate FROM `mh_presta`.`ps_currency` WHERE `iso_code` LIKE 'USD'),0)
But it throws an error
Error: "Table 'mh_presta.ps_currency' doesn't exist"
The database name and table name are correct.
I tried many variants, but still have an error. What is the sintax I must use?
Thank you.
4 Answers
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Dec 03 (54 days ago)
Nadia Bezpalko agent wrote
Thanks for writing to us. As we understood, yu try to convert the price to dollars and round it. We tested on a test store and expression works.

The error only reproduces if you enter incorrect table name. Please check the exact table name in your database.
Dec 03 (53 days ago)
Max wrote
Thanx for answer.
Yeah, I'm trying to convert price.
Look at this screens, please:
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Dec 07 (50 days ago)
Nadia Bezpalko agent wrote
Thanks for the screenshots. Please try to remove ` from the database and table names. Like this:
round([CSV_COL(35)]/(SELECT conversion_rate FROM mh_presta.ps_currency WHERE iso_code LIKE 'USD'),0)
Dec 14 (42 days ago)
System wrote

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