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General PrestaShop Questions

Jan 15 (6 days ago)
Hello everyone, can I use "Store Manager" only locally without having an online store and also use additional components such as Amazon, Ebay etc.? Hello Perrone Vincenzo, Yes, you can use Store Ma...
Dec 27 (25 days ago)
Dear all, i have an online shop made with prestashop. After updating the module future products on home page in chrome browser all future products have been lost. My website is if you look...
Oct 30 (2 months ago)
The Prestashop mega menu doesn't work on iPhone 5.
Hello I have a problem with my mega menu module, that I purchased from I installed the module on my Pr...
Aug 13 (5 months ago)
Attribute and variants
Hi, I have different attributes size colors fragrance shoes size man and more, and every attribute with many variants when insert an article becomes a problem scrolling and finding the attributes, it...
Aug 08 (5 months ago)
Need PrestaShop Multi Vendor Marketplace
Guys, I am looking for a module something like this . Please suggest . Hello jessimahe, eMagicOne software ...
Apr 18 (9 months ago)
Table doesn't exist
Hello, I am trying your software. It is very nice! But i get a error when i try to publish the changes on the web. 22|4133|1146; Table 'DB2139945.tasks' doesn't exist DELETE FROM `tasks` WHERE id_i...
Nov 06, 2016
update product combinations in bulk
I have several products where attributes change quite frequently. Is there a way to change the attributes in a category of products in mass? Or do I need to update the products one at a time? Hello Di...
Sep 28, 2016
sort in alphabetical order ?
Hello it's possible add a fuction to sort and change in alphabetical order the categorie? Thanks Hello AED Moto, You're welcome to submit it as a feature request and we will consider it in future: ...
Aug 21, 2016
How to send my Changes to my Shop?
Hello, I Copies products and categories, but I do not see in my online webshop end ments. how can I end stanchions publish? I've found :) thank you Hello iomid, It looks like you're using bridge con...
Jun 26, 2016
Why updates ebay and amazon modules other extensions are not displayed ? It is not normal to have to ask every month if an update has been made. For you this means to translate into other languages ...
May 17, 2016
Store Manager won't open anymore
Used Store Manager some weeks ago. Went to use it today and it won't open up. Nothing. I tried downloading the update which downloaded and installed, but it won't open either Hi, I've got the exact...
Apr 27, 2016
Why is Prestashop Manager so slow
I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but prestashop manager is extremely sluggish and at times painfully slow to work with. It's becoming an increasingly frustrating piece of software to u...
Apr 13, 2016
How is the margin calculated
Hello Daven, Thank you for your suggestion. You're welcome to submit it as a feature request and we will consider it in future:
Apr 08, 2016
How to Remove a Store from Prestashop Manager
Hi, I currently have three stores connected to my prestashop manager and would like to delete one completely. I cannot figure out how to delete a store as there does not seem to be that option anywhe...
Apr 01, 2015
Import speed?
How many products combinations does Import Tool can import in Prestashop via direct connection to remote database? Hello mrmysql, Store Manager for PrestaShop PRO Edition does not have a limitation o...
Mar 25, 2015
Changed images CSV import
Actually I'm keeping the "Skip image import if product has image" checked and "Delete product image before import" checked. However if I import a csv and some product image changed Store Manager don't...
Nov 12, 2014
Using Store Manager (PrestaShop) with 2 or more users
Hello, i've been using Store Manager (Prestashop) trial version and although there were some bugs (duplicate on sql data base) the software worked pretty well. But i've bee trying to use it with a col...
Oct 16, 2014
Imports products : short-description limited to 255 characters
hello, I 'm using last version of PS Manager (2.15.0) and it's works pretty well but... In case of short description imports, it's limited with only 255 characters.. I fix, in my PS backoffice, the nu...
Oct 13, 2014
Download impossible
I have active license for Store Manager for PrestaShop Standard Edition, I bought the program and the license for $199, and was using the program, but I had to format the pc and I lost the program. No...
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Sep 23, 2014
Error Donwload
Hello, I downloaded the trial version of the application and I finished loading causes error and does not allow installed, I could give an access to download and operate. In order to try and then b...