General PrestaShop Questions

General PrestaShop Questions

Suddenly, my Prestashop manager close my app with the message "unregistered version"

Hello, I have 2 pro licenses Suddenly, my Prestashop manager close my app with the message "unregistered version" I haven't change anything, and now I can't work The thing is in the outdated updates and TLS change. Here is in more details: As a part of our continuous efforts to improve the quality and security of our services and to ensure our products meet the latest security standards, we have upgraded to the newer version of the security protocol (TLS 1.2). On the March 31, 2020 Mic...

Why is Prestashop Manager so slow

I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but prestashop manager is extremely sluggish and at times painfully slow to work with. It's becoming an increasingly frustrating piece of software to use. I'm running it on an Intel i7 machine with 12 gigs of ram. Every click or scroll on the user interface reacts 3-4 seconds later , what am I doing wrong or is this normal.

Command line parameters for scheduled tasks

is there a list of command line options/parameters for Prestashop Store Manager? Or a specific option to select the store context when using multi-store? For example when you schedule a task the command line includes options such as "/auto_task=", "/config=" and "/connect=". When using multi-store the context always defaults to the first store when you load Store Manager or use a schedule. Id like to specify which store by adding to the connect option or specifying a store id. Writing with the ...

Necesito instalador de version anterior.

Hola, tengo dos licencias y al usar una de ellas en un nuevo equipo informatico que he adquirido, al descargarme el instalador y realizar la instalacion, la apariencia del software es la version en negro que es la nueva. como podria descargarme el instalador de la version 2.67.0 (Build:2401) que es, con la que estoy familiarizado y la que tengo en el otro ordenador?. GRacias..

Hello, I want to include the feature size in my pdf catalog from PDF Catalog Creator in the manager, but I don't know the route I should change to get this feature.

Thanks for your support.

Table dosen't exists in the expression editor from

Hello! I'm trying to make SQL in the expression editor like -- round([CSV_COL(35)]/(SELECT conversion_rate FROM `mh_presta`.`ps_currency` WHERE `iso_code` LIKE 'USD'),0) -- But it throws an error -- Error: "Table 'mh_presta.ps_currency' doesn't exist" -- The database name and table name are correct. I tried many variants, but still have an error. What is the sintax I must use? Thank you. Thanks for writing to us. As we understood, yu try to convert the price to dollars and round it. We tested ...

Como asociar imágenes a mis articulos

Tengo la versión 3.1.0 build 2467 para Prestashop y no consigo encontrar como asociar mis imágenes a mis artículos, tampoco las variaciones de tallas y colores. ¿Alguien que me pueda ayudar? Gracias por tu publicación. La lógica y la funcionalidad no cambiaron básicamente. Puede asignar imágenes manualmente o mediante importación -combinaciones / Tenía oculto el panel...

Apecto horiible despues de actualizar Store Manager.

Hola, buenos dias. Despues de actualizar Store Manager hace unos dias, la interface ha cambiado y es horrible. Esto es asi o se puede hacer algun cambio? Thanks for your feedback. Please specify what is unconvenient or `wrong` for you? Maybe it is just a question of getting used to the old one?.. The new Store Manager is more user-friendly and modern. We will not return to the old view. If you contact us directly, you as the customer having the purchased Licenses, can get a temporary link to the...


My store manager is lokk diffrent how is on pictures on website , what i can doo ? Hello Rene, Thanks for your question. On 2020-11-12 there here has been released a new Store Manager version with an admin-like design The general functionality stayed almost the same along with the menu which moved to the left...

Barcode Duplication

Is there any way of finding duplicate barcodes. Since I have started using barcode generator it is duplicating some older barcodes that don't follow the same product id number rules Thanks for writing on the forum. There is no such default option, but our techs can write the SQL for an additional fee that will detect such duplicates and delete them if needed. If you are interested, please write to Hello, We haven't heard back from you for last 7 days, please confirm that...

Fatal Module Error...Please Help!

Hello, I am extremely new to Prestashop and I'm trying to "wrap my head around" the framework. I was trying to install a Page Builder module from a zipped file, and now when I go into the "Modules" is giving me the following error: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/themoder/public_html/modules/pspagebuilder/pspagebuilder.php: require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/themoder/public_html/classes/PhpEncryptionLegacyEngine.php' (include_path='/home/themoder/public_html...

Database login failed

Hello. I try to install eMagicOne for PrestaShop and there is Connection refused when I enter my database user and password. They are correct. What can be wrong? Please see print screen attached. It's very urgent, I\ll be really apreciate if you could give a quick answer. Thank you! Hello Nina, Thanks for your question. Probably you did not add your IP address to the access list on the server. *check how to do it in the article below or ask your hosting provider for it https://support.emagic...

First installation - Error SSL.EOF

Hello, I'm trying Store Manager for Prestashop for the first time. I download free trial and setup connection wizard. After insert my url e test it, I see this message: "Error connecting with SSL.EOF was observed that violates the protocol." I try to remove https from the URL but I see the same error. Somone can hel me? Thanks in advance. Hello, Thanks for your question. Leave the URL as it is, with https, just check option Use Server Name Indication ht...

prestashop web page is not showing up!

hi 2 day ago i put my page as maintenance mode and yesterday i want to show up my page my friends telling it is appiering login on my pc is everythink normal but others can not see my page is coming login page thanks for help Seko here is one screenshot Hello Serkan Eroğlu, Yes, we can see the authorization request attempting to open You may ask your server administrator to check it for you.


Hello, I have about 160,000 products on my Amazon store, with the Amazon module of Store Manager can I import all these products into the store manager and then into my e-shop complete with technical data, images, etc.? Best regards Hello Perrone Vincenzo, Amazon Integration addon allows exporting PrestaShop products to Amazon only. Hi, I tried the Amazon Add-on and I have this problem: my shop is Open as a main store on and I have the logistics blocked only on, when the...


Hello, it is possible to add 2 fields: ASIN MPN with storemanager? thanks Hello Perrone Vincenzo, Store Manager allows managing the additional fields added to 'ps_product' and 'ps_product_lang' database tables. The additional fields can be added from the phpMyAdmin or Raw Table Editor of Store Manager: Important Note: it is strongly recommended to backup the d...


Hello everyone, can I use "Store Manager" only locally without having an online store and also use additional components such as Amazon, Ebay etc.? Hello Perrone Vincenzo, Yes, you can use Store Manager with the local Windows server and export products to eBay and Amazon marketplaces. how do I set up the connection and the database? Hello Perrone Vincenzo, You may use the Connection Wizard in order to configure the Bridge Connector connection to your local database. Also, you can conne...


Dear all, i have an online shop made with prestashop. After updating the module future products on home page in chrome browser all future products have been lost. My website is if you look in firefox seems ok but in chrome it is not. Any idea what i can do for this??? Thanks, Chris Hello Chris As we can see, for some reasons the featured products section has been squeezed to the right side of the layout: You may ask your website template developer to check it for you.

The Prestashop mega menu doesn't work on iPhone 5.

Hello I have a problem with my mega menu module, that I purchased from I installed the module on my Prestashop e-commerce website, this module works perfectly on both desktop and mobile phones except iPhone 5. Submenu drop-down navigation doesn't appear on iPhone 5. I also try to contact the developer but he was also not able to figure out the problem because it only happens on iPhone 5. Please help...

Attribute and variants

Hi, I have different attributes size colors fragrance shoes size man and more, and every attribute with many variants when insert an article becomes a problem scrolling and finding the attributes, it would be nice to have the every attribute in columns when you insert the window into columns And in each column the variants Thank you for your request. Please vote for this offer if you consider it useful and important for you and it may be considered by the developers for its possible impleme...