Problem connecting to my database

Problem connecting to my database

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May 10, 2014
Lionel Didier wrote
I install store manager month ago, everything works perfectly since today.

I cannot acces to my database in this two mode (the only compatible with my hosting solution) :

HTTP Tunnel (with good login, password and database name, he logged in but cannot find database).
Bridge PHP-MySQL (table empty).

here is bridge report :

bridge_Q3LvQkFJ.php Self Test Tool

This tool checks your website to make sure there are no problems in your hosting configuration.
Your hosting support can solve all problems found here.
Test Title Result
Bridge Version $Revision: 7.37 $
Temporary Directory Exists and Writable Yes
Temporary Directory has enough free space Yes
Post Maximum Size 8M
Zlib PHP Extension Loaded Yes
Apache mod_security Disabled Test Skipped Ask your hosting provider to disable mod_security extension for bridge.php
Suhosin PHP extension Disabled Yes
Default Login and Password Changed Yes
Magic Quotes GPC/Runtime disabled Yes
Post (multipart/form-data) Allowed Yes
Size of database data at one query 4096Kb
Check Default Timezone Set Ok (Europe/Berlin)
Database Permissions Check
Create Table Ok
Insert Data Row Ok
Update Data Row Ok
Delete Data Row Ok
Drop Table Ok

More information about your PHP configuration

Log file path: /homepages/4/d483217438/htdocs/tmp/bridge_log.txt
Type: 5
PHP MySQL Bridge by eMagicOne

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1 Answer
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May 12, 2014
Dmytro Grycelyak agent wrote
Hello Lionel Didier,

Please submit a ticket and attach your store configuration file* (via e-mail), so we could check the issue with bridge connection from our side and advise you on this regard.

*You can save you store configuration file at: Store Manager > Preferences(F12) > Database Connection tab > Store Configuration section > Actions... > Save current configuration: