Supply Orders
Oct 22, 2019
Steve Myers wrote
I saw this suggested back in 2015, and it looked like it was being done, but the new version of Store Manager Pro that I just purchased doesn't have this feature, so here I am putting it back into the queue. This method is the ONLY way I can handle my vendor/stocking orders as they typically have 50 or more unique product SKUs in each order. The feature I currently use is located in PrestaShop 1.6.x BackOffice under [Stock][Supply orders] and while it is very basic in functionality, it works for my needs when creating orders to suppliers and receiving the products from those orders into inventory.
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Apr 05, 2020
Troy wrote
This would be a great benefit to the software. My business has about 12 different suppliers we buy from. Each Purchase Order we place is created on a excel spread sheet and emailed or phoned through to then vendor.

Could a low stock report function be incorporated into this?

example. Every Monday I place a weekly order with vendor XYZ for about 15-30 SKU. these are high moving items. So If we had the option of running a low stock report then it could be transferred into a supplier/vendor order. Then an option to email as pdf. order direct to vendor or print off.

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May 26, 2020
Salomão Neto wrote
Serait-il possible aussi ajouter le code fournisseur pour chaque produit?