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Store Manager for PrestaShop MAC Version

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Aug 06, 2013
Alex Pryshlivskyy wrote
I suggest to develop a MAC version of the Store Manager for PrestaShop.
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Aug 06, 2013
Vjatscheslav Ringe wrote
wonderful idea
Aug 20, 2013
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Who wants to use MAC-version - vote for implementation. :-)
Oct 22, 2013
Rodrigo Gómez Hirtz wrote
I want this! i'm going to do it. If u want to help just right me back!
Oct 23, 2013
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks for your vote, Rodrigo!
Oct 25, 2013
Rodrigo Gómez Hirtz wrote
Your welcome Sergiy!
May 01, 2014
DN Tactical wrote
I would definitely vote for this. As one of the most powerful tools for back office, being a MAC user it's a shame it hasn't been done. Using parallel is ok but looses too much translation and is a lot of hassle. Please create one even if the price was a bit more. Voted for!!
May 02, 2014
Danny Hibell wrote
DN - I totally agree... I am always a MAC user, and have to use VM Fusion to run this software. Would love to see a OSX version, and the ability to use the PC licence key I have already purchased on the OSX version.
May 05, 2014
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks for your votes.
Right now we have 2 votes for MAC version.
May 06, 2014
Danny Hibell wrote
How many votes do we need for something like this to go though?

I would be surprised if the majority of the people who use your software would know about these forums, I didn't until I logged a support request and your staff advised they existed...

If you need more than say 50 votes for this to be done then we have no chance...
May 06, 2014
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
It depends on tread activity and number of votes.
Right now we have 4 persons here.
After 15-20 votes I'll try to initiate discussion with our development team.
May 06, 2014
DN Tactical wrote
Can my vote count for 10 people to speed things up?
May 06, 2014
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Such results will not be taken for consideration.

One more thing, the development process of Store Manager is time consuming process.
In case of positive result it takes from 1 to 2 years.
Mar 04, 2015
Daniel Sanchez wrote
we need the version Mac thanks
Mar 05, 2015
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks for your comment.
By the way,,,, as an quick decision - "Mac Basics: Using Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp"
How about to use Boot Camp for Mac ?
In this case you can install Store Manager right now on Windows OS.
See more -
Mar 05, 2015
Danny Hibell wrote
We have ditched Store Manager and moved to another system due to the lack of a OSX version, and there not going to be one in the future...

Mar 05, 2015
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Well. it's up to you. Store Manager is "all in one" program. So you don't need to buy additional extension for each store. It's better to use one program for list of stores. :-)
Right now Store Manager works on Windows OS.
But you can use Boot Camp feature in both variants.
This is quick solving of suggestion.
Mar 05, 2015
Danny Hibell wrote
Boot Camp is a quick fix but what needs to be made clear is the user then needs to buy a Microsoft Windows licence at around £100 extra to be able to use your software on a Mac.

Also for myself I use the OSX side of my MAC allot, so having to re boot into Boot Camp all the time to be able to manage my store was not an option.

Dont get me wrong, your software, for what it does is great... (If your a windows user) IMO if your a 100% OSX user you need to look elsewhere.
Mar 05, 2015
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks for comment.
It's clear.
From our side we are looking the new possibilities of MAC support for Store Manager

Mar 05, 2015
DN Tactical wrote
This is great news. There are a lot of other software packages that could be used out there, but for the ease and simplicity of this software, it can't be beaten. I also agree with Danny, I understand the length of time it will take to generate a OS X version, but really think the end gain and result will pay dividends in the end for your company. More and more companies are switching to OS X and Mac use for compatibility and connectivity I can only see the market getting stronger over time. Please look into this as a matter of urgency as I can only imagine once a mac version is available that sales will take off with the correct marketing and word of mouth spread. I for one will definitely be purchasing or upgrading to a mac version when its available.
Mar 05, 2015
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
We are thinking about 2 variants:
- Native code development (long time consumption variant)
- Store Manager with Java virtual machine (resource consumption variant)

In both variants it is not so fast.
Thanks again for your vote.

Mar 06, 2015
Yosh M wrote
I'm really interested in this too, I have even tried installing it on Wine but there is no way of getting it to work. Rebooting into Windows or having a Windows VM only for SM is definitely not very practical. I will also purchase a license when the MAC version is out ;-)

P.S. I would rather wait for native code development version even if it takes longer because after it will have a better performance in the long term. I am willing to test beta versions while it is under development.
Mar 06, 2015
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks for comment Yosh!
Don't forget to vote for this suggestion :-)
Mar 22, 2015
Станислав Семенов wrote
Hi! I want MAC version too!!!
Mar 23, 2015
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks for you vote Stanislav! :-)
Apr 01, 2015
Grant Blackford wrote
Has the work for the making of this software started yet?
Apr 01, 2015
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
At the moment, we are preparing a team of developers. At the end of the process - I will try to announce the details and deadlines development.
Jun 17, 2015
Yanqing Liu wrote
Please, Mac version.
Jun 20, 2015
Andrew Kumar wrote
+1 please!
Jun 25, 2015
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks for your vote!
Jul 06, 2015
Alan Masters wrote
Please, a Mac option will be a bliss!!! Imagine that i had to download an Windos ISO, build into a VirtualBox, configure the internet conection, and then try to use your solution, with a poor screen resolution and keyboard issues, due all this mess if you have this Mac option please let me know, i can pay for that, i think that every one that uses linux/mac does. Thanks in advance!
Jul 07, 2015
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks for your voice Alan!
Dec 30, 2016
Anonymous wrote
More more more more ! We need MAC
Dec 30, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks for a request and your vote.
Right now we are working on MAC version of Store Manager for Magento.
According to estimate date - I hope it will be available as a Beta next year - 2017.
So, PrestaShop Store Manager with MAC-support in the list.
Dec 30, 2016
Anonymous wrote
Woot finaly !!!
Will it be working on Prestashop also then ??
I have been using your system since looong looong time ago, but just for Windows, and it stoped as yeah you know. You kinda don't have a Mac software.
Dec 30, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
yes, I hope PrestaShop Store Manager will be next :-)
Feb 13, 2017
Anonymous wrote
Any update ?
Mar 01, 2017
Павел Комар wrote
Planning to do a Mac version of Prestashop?
Mar 14, 2017
Alex Pryshlivskyy agent wrote

We're still working on MAC version of Store Manager and doing our best to release it within 6 moths.
Sep 20, 2017
Anonymous wrote
Any Update? Last Update was 6 month ago? :)
Oct 15, 2017
杨亮 wrote
is that be done ?
Nov 17, 2017
Stefan Burghelea wrote
Hi Volodymyr ! We need the MAC version !!! When do you foreseen it will be released for Presta?
Nov 24, 2017
Patrick Schrenk wrote
It would be perfect!
Dec 03, 2017
Daniel Sanchez wrote
Seria perfecto
Mar 01, 2018
Patrick Schrenk wrote
Any new update? :)
Mar 24, 2018
Murat Kasmer wrote
I am also really curious to the status of the Mac release, would be great if there would be an update on the status..
Jun 11, 2018
Zane Brattan wrote
Any update on this? Was holding off on buying until the Mac version was released

Jun 25, 2018
Peter Fähndrich wrote
any update on this, it's a pain working with parallels ;-) thanks, guys!
Jul 06, 2018
Las Vegas NV wrote
We need it!
Jul 06, 2018
Las Vegas NV wrote
Mac all the way!
Jul 06, 2018
Las Vegas NV wrote
Will buy the business plan now, but i am on MAC.
Aug 01, 2018
Protasewicz Marek wrote
5 years later still nothing ;)
Sep 14, 2018
Max wrote
Oct 24, 2018
Petri Kallio wrote
Pleeeaassseee! MAC version ... Thank you :)
Nov 28, 2018
Adeline Immo wrote
Hey! When will you develop mac version? we need it!!!!!
Dec 01, 2018
Jordi wrote
This is the best option. I'm using Prestashop Manager since more than 4 years ago in my Mac and I hate Parallels (and Windows, of course!)
Apr 03, 2019 wrote
On attends tous avec grand intérêt une version pour MAC.
Jun 06 (11 months ago)
Easy-Pharma - Carl Valcke wrote
This would be very awesome, i am actually running a temp VM with Microsoft just for the Store Manager!
Jul 05 (10 months ago)
Dan Guerrero wrote
Of course we all need this! We're more and more people using Mac, in fact I think mac users usually want the best software, and Store Manager deserves the title! I know more people that didn't vote here and wants it, please.
Aug 15 (9 months ago)
Alex Neacsu wrote
I want too!!!!!
Sep 12 (8 months ago)
Chris Rabkin wrote
I have a customer that would use this if there was a mac version!
Oct 19 (7 months ago)
MANUEL wrote
Yo uso MAC y sería estupendo no tener que depender de Windows para poder usarlo. Yo la usaría seguro.
Dec 15 (5 months ago)
Alex Neacsu wrote
Can you tell us if at least you've started? We are very interested in this!!!!!!!
Apr 02 (57 days ago)
MANUEL wrote
maravillosa idea!!!