Supply order. Warehouse stock increase and decrease by barcode scanner.
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Supply order. Warehouse stock increase and decrease by barcode scanner.

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Sep 08, 2014
Farrukh wrote
There is a POS for sales. But why there is no option for supply orders. Prestashop backoffice got this feature, but your manager doesnt.

And also ability to make supply orders directly from the sales order, just by pressing a button in the purchase orders. For example if we have order for five macbooks and ten Galaxy, then the button should create supply order from 10 macbooks from Apple and five Galaxies from Samsung supplier. And prestashop has wholesale price data, then put this price in the supply order price. Ofcourse with the ability to make changes in quantity, price and etc. And also send those supply order invoices to suppliers email automatically or manually (settings).

And also make settings if to make automatic or manual supply orders:

1. Make automatic supply order after purchase order.
2. Make automatic supply order after purchase order. only if the product in stock is less then #.
3. Never make automatic supply order after order.

And put supply order number exactly as purchase order number.
Example: if purchase order is PO12345, then supply order should be SO12345. For macbook it should be SO12345-1.
For Galaxy it should be 12345-2 and etc.
So this option is very good and automatic for back-orders.

Increase or decrease stock in warehouse, stock movement with a barcode scanner.

And ability to set a barcode scanner for different operations, one for sales orders decreasing, and one for supply orders increasing, one for movement increase, one for movement decrease.

So we can use relative scanners to accept supply orders, to use in POS, or in warehouse movement.

And another feature to generate barcodes or QR codes for supply orders and purchase orders. So that we can easily can find orders and invoices by scanning their barcodes or QR codes.

So when accepting supply orders we can either scan each products barcode or QR code and stock them and the suply order stastus changes, or just directly scan the supply order invoice and also the products will be stocked and supply order stastus changes.
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Sep 08, 2014
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks you Farrukh.
You told us "Prestashop backoffice got this feature."
What exactly option do you mean ? Screenshots will be great :-)
We work with orders like this - see screenshot
Sep 08, 2014
Farrukh wrote
Supply orders option. It is in Prestashop's Backoffice Stock> Supply orders
Sep 09, 2014
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks for comment
The implementation of this feature in our To-do list.
Apr 08, 2015
Stanley Sterkowski wrote
"Increase or decrease stock in warehouse, stock movement with a barcode scanner. "

Without this feature Stock managment in your software is useless for me.

It's there any deadlines for this feature??
Apr 08, 2015
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Hello Stanley,
estimated time for this task closer to summer 2015.
Jan 28, 2016
Maciej Puka wrote

Is the "Increase or decrease stock in warehouse, stock movement with a barcode scanner. " feature already done? This would be useful also for me.
Jan 29, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Right now this task in development mode. See roadmap here -
Feb 03, 2016
System wrote

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Jul 05, 2016
杨亮 wrote
does this feature finished ?
Jul 20, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
this option works for Advanced Stock Management in the POS.
You have warehouse 1 with qty=5 and warehouse 2 with q-ty 5
When new order has been created via scanner + POS - 1 product was removed from the fist warehouse in the list.
Jul 20, 2016
杨亮 wrote
how about supply order, for example i purchase 10pcs from my ventor, is there a way to manager my purchase order there ?
Jul 21, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Right now q-ty will be operated with the first warehouse. There is no special logics for it.
Could you explain if details what did you mean ?
" is there a way to manager my purchase order there ?"
Sep 06, 2016
杨亮 wrote
manager purchasing order from my supplier
Sep 07, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Are you talking about import process?
Please explain in details.
Nov 06, 2016
Jonas B wrote
Would be great if you could implement a good way of handling supply orders from the suppliers.

Step 1)

Search in stock for products that soon will be out of stock and products that already are out of stock

Step 2)

Mark products to order. Add quantity and send order to supplier (easiest way through email?). Make it possible to print a pdf with order information.

Step 3a)

When order arrives from supplier. Open the earlier order sent to the supplier - sorted by supplier each supplier cause this is how we get them delivered. Confirm order and quantities and also make it possible to mark products as missing and change quantities. Increase stock after confirming.

Step 3b - alternative)

Make it possible to read barcodes and quantities into a form product by product. This should be able to do fast. Have a drop down at the top to tell wheter to increase or decrease stock.

Then make som kind of short code. For example write "3* and then the barcode" to add 3 products of the product into stock.


Then it should jump down to the next row so there will be a flow reading the incoming products into stock.

This would be really helpful!
Nov 07, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks for comments.
I'll try to discuss your suggestions with our Dev. team.
Task was created for this ticket.
May 18, 2017
Ricardo wrote
Any news regarding the feature?
May 22, 2017
Jorge Samos wrote
I'm wondering that also.... is it possible to add stock just scanning the barcode of the products that we receive from our suppliers?
Nov 28, 2018
Las Vegas NV wrote
Supply order management would be nice. We also would like the idea of adding product stock by barcode scan to create a supply order.
Also would be nice to have supply order payment management, some of our supply orders are on consignment, meaning we make payment toward the supply order as we sell the products