Label Maker for Sticker Rollers

Label Maker for Sticker Rollers

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Aug 06, 2017
Nuno Gonçalo Da Silva Pereira wrote
Hello guys
I believe we all need this function which is to put an ean code in a search box and we can print a label only or several with the possibility of searching the product and clicking on it already bring the ean of the product.

It would be so to put the ean or to search and to put the amount of labels to take, is a very simple process, I know that we have this option in the reports but in the reports it appears all the articles, and what would be very good was to take 1 etiquette or more And not all at the same time of all the products which would be costly for us because we would have to take thousands of labels to take only the ones that we will use.

And to not forget the possibility of choosing the label printer apart from the normal one or to have access to configure the printer for this module.

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