Problems with items not showing up in the Front end

Problems with items not showing up in the Front end

Oct 01, 2019
Hákon wrote
We have a problem where some of our items don't show up in the store categories.
I see them active in the store manager and when I check through other items in teh category the items not showing up are seen in the footer module "Other items in the category".
I tried to clone items and that didn't work.
Then I tried checking them as online only and then they popped up.
I could check them back and they stayed in the category list.
Now, I have a pretty large inventory, around 20.000 items so I then tried to use your mass changer to do this.
But when I did, nothing happened.
Nothing showed up and no change.
I then tried the same items again manually and they showed up.
Is there a difference in the mass changer and the manual change in the database?
Can you help me out with a quicker solution than going through all the items in my store one by one?
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Oct 02, 2019
Support Manager agent wrote

Hello Hakon,

Thanks for your email. Please make sure that those products are assigned to the needed categories. If yes, then also make reindex.

Please specify what do you mean under checking them as online only ? Changing product status to active?.. If you want products to show on storefront then their status should be checked and have +stock(depending on backoffice settings, products show due to their availability amount).

What about Mass Changer - did you change status this way?

Other way to change product status is to export needed products ID and Status column, then change status value to 1 and import file back using option Modify Only.

If the issue remains, please contact us on our email or in a live chat for further assistance.

Oct 02, 2019
Hákon wrote
Hi there
What I meant about checking them as online only is the check box in the product, in the main product properties, the box marked "Online only(not sold in store)". When I checked that box as yes and then again as no the product showed up in the frontend.
But when I did the same check in the mass changer the items didn't show up, only when I did them one by one.
A really odd problem, I know.
I haven't tried to export and import the products and just change that check but I might try that next.
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Oct 03, 2019
Support Manager agent wrote
Hello Hakon,

Thanks for your reply. We could not reproduce the issue on our side. The items show in category when we change the Online only status via Mass changer. Could you please contact us in a live chat at or email us on providing the same details of the issue, Prestashop and Store Manager versions and screenshots of the issue so we can check it on our side. Thanks.

Waiting to hear from you
Oct 08, 2019
System wrote

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