Mass Product Changer that can change supplier references for PS 1.6!
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Mass Product Changer that can change supplier references for PS 1.6!

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Aug 04, 2014
Michael do Carmo wrote
Dont believe this doesnt work and that Im being requested to ask to add it as a feature!
Its an existing feature it just only works for PS 1.4 and you havent upgraded it to work with 1.5 and 1.6 according to:
Volodymyr Demyanov
Senior Support Manager

Please add this NOW! Its a feature I paid for, your software is just outdated!
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Aug 05, 2014
Valeriy Shliakhtun agent wrote
PrestaShop ver. 1.4.* stores supplier reference as a value in single field in products table.

Single product may have only single supplier reference value, as well as single combination may have only single supplier reference value. And each product(combination) has a supplier reference - either empty or filled.

PrestaShop ver. 1.5.* and all later versions store supplier reference in a completely different manner. Supplier references are stored in a separate table and single product or combination may have multiple suppliers and therefore multiple supplier references.

So imagine a situation, when a user selects multiple products, which have different amount of supplier references: first product has 3 supplier references, second product has 4 supplier references, third product has no supplier references, fourth product has 15 supplier references - which supplier reference should Store Manager update? How should Store Manager display different amount of supplier references for multiple products?

Back in ver. 1.4.* each product always has a single "supplier reference" - either empty or filled, so there are no problems back in 1.4.*.

Though this does not mean that supplier reference will never be implemented in mass changer for versions 1.5.* and later. For example for quite a while Store Manager did not import/export supplier references on stores 1.5.* and later. But just recently we have implemented this feature. So latest beta version of Store Manager can import/export supplier references on stores 1.5.* and later.

There were feature requests for that as well:

We need some feedback from you regarding feature you are requesting. How would you like Store Manager to display supplier references in mass changer when products have multiple supplier references (or some have none)? And how should user define which supplier reference to update (e.g. maybe some shouldn't be changed)?

Any feedback will be very appreciated. Would it be acceptable for you to update only first supplier reference? (when each product has only one - no problem. But when product has multiple - random reference may be updated...) Or maybe it would be best to create a new separate "Mass Supplier Reference Changer"?.. How do you see this feature?
Aug 05, 2014
Michael do Carmo wrote
Thanks for the comprehensive response and I understand the dilemma you are in.

I envisage that it would work like this:
i) Select various amount of products
ii) Use mass product changer
iii) Give the user the ability to:
a) Append suppliers to products
b) Reassign suppliers to products

a) Append: This would take the selected products and leave its suppliers details intact and then just add any missing suppliers to the product.
b) Reassign: This would take the product and 'erase' any supplier data for the selected products and re-assign it as the user has chosen. (Keeping in mind that the user should be able to choose the 'default'/main supplier as PS allows one to do).
Aug 08, 2014
Valeriy Shliakhtun agent wrote
Thank you for feedback. The way you described is quite fair and attractive.

The more votes this feature request gets, the sooner it will be implemented.
Aug 19, 2014
Olivier Decroupette wrote
In 1.6 indeed there are linked tables for supplier/product/price/reference. but i think there is still the default product supplier reference which can/should be used, as for most/many product you have one single supplier.
Aug 25, 2014
Sergiy Kibitkin agent wrote
Thanks for comment, Oliver.
But right now we have 2 votes only for this suggestion :-(
Aug 25, 2014
Olivier Decroupette wrote
I guess it's above average ;-)
Aug 25, 2014
Sergiy Kibitkin agent wrote
Let's wait for users activity.
Jun 28, 2016
Yosh M wrote
Almost 2 years and it is still not possible to assign a supplier to multiple products at once.
Jul 20, 2016
Sergiy Kibitkin agent wrote
I understand your expectations.
At the moment, we are focused on other tasks.

Right now we are working on eBay combinations support for PrestaShop Store Manager Addon.
Jan 10 (5 months ago)
Jakub wrote
Is there any chance to add this funcionality to emagicone?