Edit order items?

Edit order items?

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Sep 15, 2016
Jens Kirk wrote

Can order items be edited in an order? Like if I want to edit the title, price or amount of an ordered item?

StoreManager for VirtueMart cannot do this but it will do it in this month (we have been promissed).

We need the same feature for our WooCommerce clients.
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Sep 15, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Hello Jens,
I didn't forget this for you :-)

We've finished order editing for VirtueMart

Right now we are testing Store Manager changes.
I'll be able to provide you not tested version .... but it's better for me to wait for our QA department confirmation, that we are ready to publish a release.

Acc. to WooCommerce - this option in our to-do plan
Right now we are working on a special block - Store Diagnostics.
This option will test your WooCommrce Store and fix the issue automatically.
This section will be included in Store Manager, so you don't need extra money for this service.
Sep 15, 2016
Jens Kirk wrote
Sounds good :-)

When do you think that the order item edit option is also launched for WooCommerce? We have clients that need this as well :-)
Sep 16, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
We are going to implement such option for WooCommerce Store Manager.
Right now we are working on another task. It's reasonable to refresh your request after official Release.

In our schedule - Automated Product Import \ Export - this is task #1
Store Diagnostics -in the development
POS window for wooCommerce orders

As you can, we've got a long-term plan for implementation.

Honestly, it's hard for us to implement this feature in few weeks because of scheduled plan.
But I try to promote your suggestion :-)

Don't forget for your suggestion. Right now we have 0 votes.
Sep 16, 2016
Lene Bredahl wrote
Hey - we look forward to having this feature in our company.

Lene Bredahl
CEO, NLP Huset
Sep 16, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Thanks for the comment, Lene.
Please vote for this suggestion!

Thanks for your vote and activity.
Sep 21, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Good afternoon!
According to VirtueMart Orders editing.

As promised, I present a new version of the program. Added the ability to modify orders at the bottom of the window.
See screenshot.
I beg to draw your attention - this is a beta version. The official release will be available this week closer to Thursday or next Tuesday.
I ask you to report the problem if you find to inadequate performance.

Download the beta version of the program at this location - http://files.emagicone.com/virtuemart-manager-full-setup-

Total sum calculated automatically. It doesn't editable.
Sep 21, 2016
Jens Kirk wrote
Hi Sergiy :-)

Great :-D that you have launced it for VirtueMart webshops clients but this is the WooCommerce suggestion thread :-) You posted in it the "wrong" thread :-)

We will look into it for the VM clients now and hopefully the WO clients will get the same feature soon :-)
Sep 21, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Pardon, my fault :-( ok - I'll transfer this info to Virtuemart.
Thanks for a hint.
P.S. I don't remember to implement order editing into WooCommerce Store Manager :-)
Sep 21, 2016
Jens Kirk wrote
You don't remember? Do you mean: "I do remember..."? :-)
Sep 21, 2016
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote

well... you are right,,, I need to have some rest :-)