'Simple' SQL question
Oct 20, 2016
Jos wrote

What's wrong with my SQL (none)knowledge?
This must be the end result:
DVD Actie Thriller Bestelbaar
Blu-Ray Actie Thriller Bestelbaar

3 Answers
Oct 21, 2016
Jos wrote

Here is a small csv-file attached.

This is what Storemanger automaticly download and processed.

Only there are columns with wrong txt and I want to change that.
Mostly I get it working but this is too big for me(and my none knowledge about SQL)

Thanks for helping me out...
Oct 21, 2016
Jos wrote
Oops, nothing attached, see this message...
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Oct 25, 2016
Dmytro Grycelyak agent wrote
Hello Jos,

In case you would like to change the values from multiple columns and then merge them into one field, this may be achieved with more complicated SQL expression, which requires technical skills and can be developed by our techs for $59.

If you're interested, please order the following service, so we could proceed: