Move Store Manager to a new computer...

Move Store Manager to a new computer...

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Sep 10, 2013
Keld wrote
I have my Store Manager on a private computer, but now I want to move it to a large and much stronger professional computer. I'm not a specialist and I hope it's not too difficult. How to do that?

Do you think Store Manager will be faster on the new computer? I have 115.000 products and today it takes Store Manager 42 seconds to load all these products...!

All the best & kind regards from,

Keld Hermann / / Grenaa / Denmark
1 Answer
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Sep 11, 2013
Ira Kobylianska agent wrote
Thank you for your reply.

Store Manager would work faster on new computer in case you use bridge connection. For direct connection, it depends on your internet and server connection speed.

In order to install Store Manager to new computer, please download installation from your account at:

if updates are not available, please order update service at:

Once you download installation package, you can proceed with installation (it includes few clicks on Next button). Please reset your license key before registering it at new computer:

Also, we'd recommend you to save connection and import configurations, so you could load it after you install Store Manager at new computer. You can save it at Preferences[F12] / Actions / Save current configuration, import configuration can be saved at the last step of import wizard.
You can download your connection configuration at new Store Manager installation at Preferences[F12]:

Please let us know how it goes