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eBay Integration for Magento

May 08 (40 days ago)
Not yet an answer, witing for 3 days now
My former ticket #99904, problem not yet solved. I added Log-File and a guess about the problem. Did you look into it? Additional proposal: is there any way to omit donwloading the content of the tabl...
Feb 28, 2018
Welcome to the forum on eBay Integration addon
eBay Integration is Store Manager for Magento addon which allows to list your Magneto products at eBay action and in this way sell via alternative sales channel. You can find general information on th...
Apr 02, 2014
Add image in Ebay export?
How do you add the image on an ebay export...it keeps syin i have no image and need at least one. I see no way to add it though and I have checked your online documentation as well. Thank you for cont...
Dec 26, 2013
import custmer passwords from plain test
is it possible to import custmer passwords from plain test, or this there a way to convert plan text passwords to password hash?I am moving from a different cart to magento and have my customer databa...
Sep 17, 2013
Move Store Manager to a new computer...
I have my Store Manager on a private computer, but now I want to move it to a large and much stronger professional computer. I'm not a specialist and I hope it's not too difficult. How to do that?Do y...
Jul 22, 2013
I am not clear on how the importing function is meant to work.Does the software import the csv file directly into the server and add/create new items? Or does the import process merely import the csv ...