Export One Customer Order Data into HTML

Export One Customer Order Data into HTML

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Dec 16, 2014
John wrote
I use Shop Manager version 2.15.2. I want to export the order details for just one customer to an HTML file.

I can only select by Export by Day, which means I will get ALL customers orders for that day. This is far too many.

The Invoice option and Delivery Slip option are the only way I've found to export one customer at a time. However, saving these in HTML format is very unsatisfactory - there are page breaks embedded, duplicate headings, etc.

I am unable to get email of Invoice or Delivery slip to work. Test emails sent under Preferences work just fine, but not under Invoice or Delivery, error code is "535 authorization failed (#5.7.0)." Even if this did work, the formatting would be unsatisfactory.

I need a simple, clean way to export one customer, in html format (to import into a spreadsheet), without extraneous data.

The only values I need are customer name, shipping address, billing address, email, phone, shipping total, grand total, and order details (reference number, quantity, price, description) to pasted into a spreadsheet in multiple columns.

It would be great if Shop Manager had a simple push button to export one customer order data.

I don't know how to create a custom report or even if this is an option.

Any assistance on how to solve this would be appreciated.
1 Answer
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Dec 18, 2014
Dmytro Grycelyak agent wrote
Hello John,

Yes, the report as per your request can be created, however it will not be possible to absolutely avoid empty spaces, as the data is being exported from the database in a tabled structure (please see the screen capture): http://screencast.com/t/xtEz1EJx9ir