List of changes before upload

List of changes before upload

Oct 31, 2013
Trophy Hunt wrote
We think that a very useful features will be to check, edit and delete changes before upload them to the store.

A history of all the changes made in the session is very useful to the staff: we can check, control, see what we are going to change and then approve.
A very useful and attractive feature will be the possibility to print the list with the date and the name of the person who made the changes: in this way we can track all the changes to the store.

Please consider this feature: it's very important for us before we buy the software.

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Nov 01, 2013
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Hello Trophy!
According to your proposal.
It looks like Ctr+Z operation (cancel last action)

Right now you can operate with following variants:
1. Backup operation before vital changes - see section - Tools - Database backup\Restore -
2.You should use Bridge connection with GET-POST mode
In this case you can work off-line and POST changes to Store.
You can edit Pending data before POST -
You should be familiar with SQL for this variant.

If those variants don't suits you. please vote for this feature.
According to our Policy, we implement a new features according to the volume of customer votes.

Right now we have 0 votes for this feature :-(