A Lite stripped down version

A Lite stripped down version

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Jan 12, 2021
Renato A Benci wrote
Although the interface is jam-packed with all parameters to control the stock into your store. It is somewhat cluttered and difficult to navigate quickly. A possibility, as an option, of a stripped-down simple GUI might be welcome.
As a reference, I have been using the OSCPM from Mario Valdez for my current store which the platform is OSC 2.3.4. With this, there have been slight code modifications to allow it to work in the environment.
It has been used since 2007 with no fail and "super fast" product updates.
As I'm upgrading to the WOO platform soon. I thought that this might be an option to look at.

Please see the attached images as reference.

Kind regards,
R.A.B. Hobbies.
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Jan 13, 2021
Zoryana Motyka agent wrote

Thanks for your recommendations. This feature request is unique to us. We will look forward to customers' votes and comments.
Once the feature request will be upvoted, we will take it into consideration.

Thanks for your interest in our software.
Have a great day!