Import products - Upload ( description ) from external source ( html files )

Import products - Upload ( description ) from external source ( html files )

Dec 05, 2016
Andres wrote
In Excel imposible write normal Big Html Description in Cell.

But i may write Description of product in external file HTML / RTF / DOC ...
and write in Excel - way or link to file ( like img files )

and when Store Manager Upload product hi take Text for Description from external file - absolutly like IMG upload.

Its very easy to code - 1 day work. But when you programm buy 2-3 times more.

When user may contain All data of shop at own cumputer. And work with Description in Word.

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Dec 05, 2016
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Thanks for your suggestion, Andreas.
Let's wait for user's comments and votes.

Honestly, you are the first person, who wants to use an external link of a product description.

According to our Policy, we implement new features according to the volume of customer votes.
Please vote if you'd like to speed up the implementation.
Nov 08, 2019
DP wrote
I think what he means is to be able to write html in excel and transfer it vie prestashop manager to your website. If so, this is a super feature as you dont need to go in prestashopmanager or your website and make your descriptions nice with text formatting and videos and pictures within the description text. This would help immensely and is missing from your software.