Ability to search Icecat Categories.

Ability to search Icecat Categories.

Feb 28, 2017
Ian Goh wrote

Are you able to add search categories by name under the "icecat" tab?

For example "water skis" is located in root -> sports & recreation -> water sports equipment -> water skis.

Why we need to search? When we have an item part no. and we go to icecat website the search, it will tell us what category it is in. Say, it is located in "water skis", we only want to sync this category but we cannot find it as it has 4695 categories.
A search will be good.

Also, how do we delete the previous data that we downloaded (Load Products)?

Thank you.
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Mar 01, 2017
Ira Kobylianska agent wrote

Thank you for your suggestion.

We added the feature to our TODO list. It will be added in next addon release

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions