Image size information in media library

Image size information in media library

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Aug 11, 2017
Luis Horacio Masgoret wrote
Hi, checking the functionality of the system, I see that when you have to assign an image to a category or a product from the media library, it does not indicate what size has each image shown in the grid. If we have the same image in various sizes, we usually use the thumbnails for the categories or images of the products we see when selecting a category. The problem is that in the grid of the media library, all the images are seen the same size and not knowing the size of them, it is very likely that if the images do not indicate the size in the name, choose a very large And assign it to a thumbnail.
Once assigned , there is information of its size and if we choose the wrong image, we must repeat the process searched again another image in the media library, which is very tedious and waste us a lot of time, especially if we are incorporating or modifying many articles or categories.
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Aug 11, 2017
Support Manager agent wrote

Thank you for your suggestion
We appreciate your interest in our products and wish to make it better!

The suggestion will be forwarded to our tech department to check for possible implementation!

Comments and votes from other users are also welcomed!

Thank you!