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Nov 12, 2015
Richard Gastmeier wrote
Your Amazon module would be a lot more valuable if there was a repricing module included with it. The one I'm used to working with has the ability to create multiple templates for different product groups (we use price range), each with the following settings:

Minimum Sale Price (% above cost, $ above cost or fixed product price options)
Maximum Sale Price (% above cost, $ above cost or fixed product price options)
Sale Price if there are no other sellers (% above cost, $ above cost or fixed product price options)
Inclusion/Exclusion of estimated Amazon fees when calculating above prices.
Pricing Increments (how much to adjust prices up or down to try to win/maintain the buy box, how much to beat next seller by)
Ability to exclude competing with sellers with low reputation scores.
Fields for handling competing with other product conditions (used vs. new, etc.)

This functionality seems to be the only part of the puzzle that your suite of products doesn't handle for us, and we'll have to continue to use an outside SaaS if we go with your product. Would be nice to have control over this function as well.
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Nov 13, 2015
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Thanks for comment, Richard!
I'll try to discuss your suggestion with our tech. team soon.
I'll try to update this comment next week.
Nov 18, 2015
System wrote

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Oct 18, 2016
Davide wrote
I agree completely. A repricer would be of great value to this software.
Configure repricing rules for a given market place e.g: Amazon
Allow to propagate new pricing to other market places

I just started the free trial with which seems very good so far.
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Oct 19, 2016
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Good day!
I've added you suggestions to our to-do list for development team consideration.
We are going to start new development process for Amazon Addon soon.

Please feel free to add your new suggestions - I'll try to collect very interesting ideas before development.