Add Some Merge Functions
Jun 16, 2017
Rick Larsen wrote
I would like to suggest some MERGE functions be added to Store Manager. These would be invaluable for me.

1. The ability to MERGE two product IDs together would be extremely useful for my business.

2. Equally important, in terms of managing my large and growing list of PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES would be a MERGE ATTRIBUTES function. As an example, Before I started synchronizing my shop with eBay, I created different attributes for clothing styles, each one for a certain category of clothing: bra styles, panty styles, top styles, shapewear styles, etc.

Now that I have begun synchronizing my shop with eBay, I see that it would be better for me if I merged all the PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES together into one, choosing which of the attribute names to keep, and having all the ATTRIBUTE VALUES appear in one list under one PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE.

Because my shop is in 5 languages, if I want to do this today, I have to recreate all of the ATTRIBUTE VALUES under one of the PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES, then rename the ATTRIBUTE to its new name, then delete all of the old ATTRIBUTES and VALUES.

A simple MERGE function would reduce my work from 2-3 hours (this time) to about 10-15 minutes. See attached screenshot.
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