Add feature in import orders

Add feature in import orders

Jul 04, 2019
Easy-Pharma - Carl Valcke wrote
Actually when doing an import for the products you have the option to handle the products that are not listed in the source file.
You can for example say (do Nothing, or delete products that are not listed in csv or disable products that are not listed in csv or set quantity to 0 when it is not listed in the csv ) and you can select a supplier to apply your choice.

But we would also need to specify the manufacturer or brand, because one supplier can have multiple brands....
Example you receive a file from you supplier to update the data and that supplier has brand 1, 2 and 3... If you upload file from this supplier with brand 2 all products from brand 1 and 3 will be affected.... The only way around would be to make an import per brand....

This will ease the update of the products and also the automated import in case of special promotions...
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Jan 30, 2020
nik wrote
I understand this is necessary if a large base?
so as not to iterate over all the rows for data processing.
this is actually a good idea.
But it turns out the system should share first to further store it.
let's say create a table
manufacturer id, product id
where essentially every manufacturer is a new table
let's say
Adidas table (id = 1)
Adidas, product id 1
Adidas product id 5
Adidas product id 8

Nike table (id = 2)
nike, product id 2
nike, product id 3
nike, product id 6.

Further, when processing the system, the system accesses. (As if cached data) and does not load all the data.
It is a good idea to optimize system resources.
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