Amend Invoice report
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Jan 03, 2013
Ron wrote
Does anyone have experience of amending the invoice in Store Manager?

I can ammend it just fine for adding text, moving things etc. However I am stuck adding a Barcode

I can add a barcode from static text, and that works great. However i need to be able to create the barcode based on information on the invoice, for example a barcode based on the product reference

To print the product reference i add [frxInvoiceDS."product_reference"]

I tried inserting that into the barcode text area and I just get an error

Any ideas?

I have tried the report tool help website and am non the wiser
3 Answers
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Jan 03, 2013
Ron wrote
I have it.

On the Invoice it looks like I had to use [frxInvoiceDS."product_reference"] in the Barcode, however i have found that if I change it to it works

All I need now is to be able to include an If Statement

For example, If shipping =Ebay then Barcode = "Ebay", else if shipping = "amazon" then barcode = "Amazon"

I am guessing that may be a step too far
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Jan 06, 2013
Ron wrote

To use an If in the barcode (or any area i suppose) use this sytanx

IIF(='Amazon MarketPlace','Amazon','Graphskill')

Which equates to "If Payment Method was "Amazon marketPlace" then print "Amazon" else print "Graphskill"
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Jan 08, 2013
Dmytro Grycelyak agent wrote
Hello Ron!

Thank you for your posts!

We appreciate your interest in our software and your cooperation.