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Jun 12, 2013
Miroslav Kuco wrote
Good day,

I have imported products from my xml. I'd like to ask why there is so many bad images in presta. When I see thumbnail in my product list, it's ok. When I open pictures on that product I see question mark. When I click question mark I see product. There is many combination of errors in pictures. For example thumbnail is ok. When I open pictures, there are pictures of totaly different product. Also I have FTP queue at task count 144 990. 0 in use because all state are stopped.
1 Answer
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Jun 13, 2013
Dmytro Grycelyak agent wrote
Hello Miroslav,

Thank you for your post.

You see, image upload is a time consuming process. However in most cases, it is a single time process.

You should try to restart the image upload in the Store Manager, or proceed with the reimport.
In your case, image upload may take up to 48 hours and that is normal considering the amount of imported products and their images.

If the issue remains, please submit a ticket at: so we could check the issue more deeply.