Add possibility to add "Price with tax" directly in the product list

Add possibility to add "Price with tax" directly in the product list

Oct 07 (7 months ago)
Miguel wrote
Is there a chance that you might consider add the possibility to be able to add/edit the "price with tax" directly in the product list. It's very time consuming to open the edit box to add the price every time. And it's also time consuming to first calculate the price excl. tax to add in the list.

It's very common that we merchants that handles prices with tax calculate the price with tax to compare with competitors etc and then adding a final price.

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Oct 11 (7 months ago)
Ira Kobylianska agent wrote
Thank you for submitting a feature request, Miguel

The issue with the final price is that the price is calculated on the fly. So there's no db field where you can see the final price or update it easily. The value is calculated at all times you see it.

It means that while editing the Final price field, you're basically editing the value of the base price (without VAT), so the grid should take the value you add/update, make reverse calculations (tax should be deducted based on tax rule, that should be separately checked with the SQL statement to find out the exact % that should be deducted) and as the result the appropriate base price should be updated and the value recalculated for final price.

The implementation might have even more pitfalls, except for the delays in response in case of a slow server. So we welcome other users to join the discussion or upvote the feature to consider it in the future.

Let's wait if the feature will be voted