Issue with indexing
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Feb 03, 2017
Yosh M wrote
1) Enable quick edition in grid in configuration
2) Make sure "Indexed" column is visible in the grid so you can see what happens

Now do this:
3) Only edit a name of any product in grid. You will see "indexed" unticks and on the bottom right corner it will say "1 product to be indexed" - changing just the name.

Now do this:
4) Select a product/s, right click "Mass product changer" and ONLY change name for both of them - this is equal to the same change on step 3 but instead of doing it via the grid doing it via mass changer.
5) Click apply
6) You will see products are NOT "unindexed" nor does it say they have to be reindexed.

Which behaviour is correct? I do not know, but I do know both actions should have the same result as far as indexation is concerned.
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Feb 06, 2017
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote

We'll try to correct this problem next Release after Store Manager for PrestaShop (ver.1.7 support).
Thanks for a comment, Yosh!