Storemanager suggests and generates a list of what to order from your suppliers based on previous sales

Storemanager suggests and generates a list of what to order from your suppliers based on previous sales

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Sep 20, 2017
Roger Løvendahl wrote
Let's say you have 20 suppliers, and a total of 3000 products. It is hard to stay in front of purchasing in the right time and the right qty for each product to maintain correct and efficient stock-level all year round.

But what if Storemanager were to calculate it for you, and give a simple list of which products that must be purchased from the correct supplier by the correct date?

It could work something like this, or maybe even more sofisticated than this - but here is the basic:

Storemanager calculates how many sold of each products between two different dates (could be a datepicker).
So for example - In December, 2017 - you decide it's time to place an order with a supplier, to have enough stock for the first 3 months of 2018. You go into the supply-order-system in Storemanager, and choose dates between 01-01-2017 and 03-01-2017.

It then tells you that e.g. PRODUCT A, has sold 102 pcs the first three months in 2017.
If you calculate a growth of let's say 15% for the next year (2018) you should sell 118 of PRODUCT A, the first three months of 2018.

Storemanager also know your current stock, let's say that is 28.

For this order, Storemanager tells you that you should purchase 118-28 = 90 pcs of PRODUCT A

And it keep iterating the list for all the products from chosen supplier, so all you have to do is send the generated list to a supplier, or export it to csv.

This will both save A LOT of time for many shop-owners, let alone it will be easier to decide how many of each product to purchase.

Another way something like this could function, was to give the store-owner a notice once there was insufficient stock from one supplier to make a supply-order for at least $ xxx.xx.

Explained differently:
As soon as there are enough products that will be out of stock in some time ahead, and those out-of-stock-products will calculate to e.g. more than $999.99 in wholesale price from a single supplier - generate a list of which products from that supplier that needs to purchased to maintain stock level, before you run out of the products.

This should have some settings though -
1. Minum total wholesale-value before generation
2. How many days in advance it should calculate you run out of stock, based on between previous two dates
3. etc..
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Oct 02, 2017
Dariusz wrote
Hi Roger...
you absolutely right... - this feature is (will be...) very helpfull...
at the moment I use a separate database on my tablet for create orders to suppliers...
but it's a bit uncomfortable... and difficult to save under control... ;-)
so.., I vote as well...