Add feature column/s in the products view
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Add feature column/s in the products view

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Sep 10 (5 months ago)
Nadia Bezpalko wrote
It would be great to have displayed FEATURES fields in the products view - so we can sort or filter products, or make batch changes to the features.
Although some shops might have a lot of features and that could make an issue, but what about limiting it to lets say max 3 columns could be chosed at the same time
If there are for some shops too many different features you can limit them to lets say 3 or 5 and for each you choose from list which feature to display.
1 Answer
Jan 30 (19 days ago)
nik wrote
I think for this you need to write a separate center (window) with selection by parameters.
and in the column enter 0 there is no selection or 1-3 coincidence count parameters.
For example, the color matches. but not materialial