How to copy and paste only Combination

How to copy and paste only Combination

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Sep 15, 2013
Krish Joy wrote
Dear sir or madam,
I would like to copy and paste product combination only, so for example I would like to copy one product combination and paste it to 10 products on different category.

I know how to create Mass Combination, the problem is when i go to new category product's i need to re-select all the product combination and have to enter the values ( Prices) this will take ages due to we have nearly 50,000 products and 28 colors and 55 product sizes. so cant always use the product mass combination.

Need a simple way to copy the Combination and past it to other products and other category product's.

I dont mind to use SQL or Copy and paste...
Please help.
thank you for your help
1 Answer
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Sep 16, 2013
Dmytro Grycelyak agent wrote
Hello Krish Joy,

Currently the Store Manager does not allow to copy and paste product combinations, however you're welcome to submit a request at: and we will consider it in further releases of the application.